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App description: **playsets is full of detailed environments and hundreds of tokens, the requirements to run it can be overwhelming for older hardware. Devices capable of dealing with larger graphical loads, such as iPad3 and later are strongly recommended as minimum hardware**

Playsets is a digital replacement for tabletop role-playing maps and miniatures. Through the use of detailed isometric environments, beautiful tokens, powerful and easy to use builder tools, and real-time remote play sessions, playsets allows your tabletop adventure group to share worlds like never before. Whether you are reconnecting a gaming group that can no longer meet in person or you want to replace uninspired graph paper encounters in a regular game night, playsets is your key to unlocking a new level of storytelling.

New in 1.7: The Loremasters guild! All purchasable content in playsets is now available as an auto renewing subscription* available as a monthly subscription for 4.99 USD / month or an annual billing cycle of 49.99 USD a year. This will allow users to experience all of the premium content in playsets for a low monthly cost that supports continued feature and content updates.


* Fully Interactive Tokens - Tokens can move in real time for all joined players and have multiple status effects, emotes, and animations: Characters can dance, sleep, float, and more.

* Pre-made Environments - Our pre-made environments help you get started quickly or let you react to unexpected player actions. Pre-made environments can change dramatically with the press of a single button. A rugged dirt path can become a well-paved road or a temple can move from deep in the woods to atop a cliff.

* Create Custom Tokens - Players and Storytellers can create great looking custom tokens in seconds with the built-in token creation feature.

* Create your own maps - Players can create their own maps using our powerful and easy to use builder tools. Choose from dozens of different floor tiles and walls and over 100 builder props to layout custom encounter spaces.

* Large and Ever-Expanding Token Library - Dozens of adventurers, monsters, props, and more immediately available with more being added all the time. Some with up to 5 different color variants.

*Subscription will automatically be billed to your iTunes account again after each subscription period. Subscriptions can be managed through the Settings app on your device.

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04-04-2015, 01:13 AM
Wow, this looks really cool for a tabletop group set. Makes me wish it was an actual readymade game looking at the screenshots.
04-04-2015, 01:37 AM
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This looks really cool. I hope looking for games is easy. That's usually the problem with having more than 2 people in a team.

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04-04-2015, 01:57 AM
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looks interesting. gonna give it a try