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App description: A pure challenge! Put the balls in the holes matching all the colors, gather any bonuses along the way and achieve the highest of scores. An all-time classic game, based on an authentic idea is now available for your device, enhanced with additional features.

Impossiballs is a simple but addictive game, which is based on the most realistic physics simulation, using the accelerometer. So, its just your skills against gravity and time. The games objective is to roll the steel balls over a 3d wooden board, aiming to put them in the matching holes by slightly tilting your device. Compared to the original, there are new game elements and two modes of playing: the Time Mode, where you can compete against time, and the Arcade Mode which has different colors for each ball and hole, timers that change the colors of the holes, color-changers for the balls, and the -always necessary- bonuses/presents that offer extra time, or give you the chance to complete the level more easily.

There are a total of thirty levels, twenty for the Arcade mode and ten for the Time mode. Combined with realistic movement, well designed graphics, beautifully matching sounds, and three different levels of difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard), the game provides a rich experience with a lot of fun and a high replay value.

You won't be able to stop playing!
04-08-2015, 06:11 AM
Just a note: The game belongs to the arcade category not puzzle. I am not sure why the generator had read it as such from the iTunes link.

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04-08-2015, 06:17 AM
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Damn. I thought this was implosion