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App description: Bringing AAA console gaming experience to mobile devices.

Twenty years after the fall of Earth, the remnants of the Human race are once again faced with extinction. The time has come to justify our existence. A mysterious life form known as the XADA squares off against humanity's last weapon - the War-Mech series III battle suit.

Features: Stunning console-quality graphics, first-class voice acting and Hollywood-grade audio production. Full orchestral scores masterfully mixed by Grammy Award winner and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy engineer, John Kurlander.

The most intuitive touch user-interface seen on the platform.

A vast arsenal of super-tech weaponry at your disposal, upgradable via the streamlined ARK Kernel system. Become the ultimate fusion of Man and Machine. Ensure the survival of the species.

- Using iCloud save after login Game Center at Options menu

Based Xatu's comments:
It's here:

Thanks, Pete!
04-08-2015, 10:46 AM
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uhhhh... link??? best day ever I am legit screaming

update: yay I See the link

im a rpg loving kind of guy

04-08-2015, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Hambo12 View Post
uhhhh... link??? best day ever I am legit screaming
Sorry, I'm trying to get the app info too.

Edit: you can't get an official link from the appstore yet. TA app and Appshopper can't even pick it up. I've been having the same problem with evhacon.

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04-08-2015, 10:47 AM
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Link???? OMG!!!

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Officially moved to android
04-08-2015, 10:48 AM
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04-08-2015, 10:48 AM
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04-08-2015, 10:48 AM
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I see the link, but it's not working for me, and not showing in the UK store yet. OMG, smashing buy button, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, etc. </allthememes>

EDIT: No, wait, Pete's link works. Here I go!
04-08-2015, 10:48 AM
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im going to faint or explode somebody tell me I'm not dreaming....

im a rpg loving kind of guy
04-08-2015, 10:48 AM

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04-08-2015, 10:49 AM
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Nice downloading now. Anyone get a chance to play yet?