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Premium Game Choices?

09-18-2009, 02:34 AM
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Premium Game Choices?

Okay, I know we've had tons of these threads already but I don't feel like combing through the archives to find my answer. Plus, it's nice to have your own specific questions answered.

What are some good "premium" games? And by premium, I don't mean expensive, I mean good quality.

I looked over my growing app collection on my Touch and realized I got a lot of junk games. I had a whole page of throw-away, 99 cent games. I just went through my iPod and deleted all the junk ones. But now I want my collection to be filled with some good apps. I don't want to spend too much money but I really want some good quality games. I know a lot of new games have come out, but I'd like to know some of the older ones too. Some that have kept you busy for a long time, some of the "classics" (maybe from the past 6 months or so). I've been holding off on buying some but I have money now and am willing to spend it on some good ones. I'm thinking about getting Spider, Space Invaders Infinity Gene or Rolando 2 (I know, i'm kind of behind). As far as some newer games go, Blades of Fury, MC Sandstorm or Hybrid but I don't want to risk buying now when a "intro sale" could be coming up.

And I know there have been lots of these threads going before, so sorry for this, but it'll only take a minute for you to talk about your game choices. And please don't complain about the amount of these types of threads there are.
09-18-2009, 02:45 AM
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Meteor Blitz
Blue Defense
iBlast Moki
Silent Swords
Monster Kill
Lion Pride
Snake Galaxy

Have a blast.

09-18-2009, 03:36 AM
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Meteor Blitz
iBlast Moki
Rolando 1 & 2
Real Racing
Modern Combat
Blades of Fury
Sentinel 2

Just off the top of my head.

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09-18-2009, 04:09 AM
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My favourite games on the iPhone:
Inkvaders (Awesome sidescroller game, short, but very high quality)
Pathpix (With over 160 puzzles taking about 20 minutes each, great gameplay)
HarbourMaster (Frequesnt updates, easily better than FlightControl)
Defender Chronicles (Sidescroller meets TowerDefense, must have game)
Uniwar (Strategy based game. Turn based Command and Conquer)

There are some other great titles out there too, but you might aswell wait for pricedrops. Don't let the hype of new games rush you intoa purchase.

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09-18-2009, 06:21 AM
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Real Racing
Infinity Gene
Let's Golf
Doodle Jump

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