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Microlink Studio announces Cocoman

04-16-2015, 04:47 AM
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Microlink Studio announces Cocoman

Update: The game is avaiable at:
Hi folks,
Cocoman will hit the Apple App store, Google Play market and Windows Phone store.
Cocoman – available on 22th April 2015 - is a small casual game, a caveman run out of the fire balls from volcano, collectcoconut and return to his cave. The game offers a lot of social network features to improve the connections between Facebookfriends.


Simple is the first thing we focus on this game, the story board is quite simple: a hungry caveman, going out to seek food whilethe volcano explosive; the game play is also simple: single tap anywhere in the phone screen to change the running direction, thegoals – very simple -,to bring the coconut back to cave, +1 point. We want players fell simple and relax as much as possible, theycan play with only one hand, they can play anytime, anywhere and anyone can play.

Social network is the second thing we want in Cocoman. We try to make everyone connect together in a single game, across platforms,devices... So that we offered social features:
  • - Universal leaderboard: the universal ranking list of all Facebook friends, no limit on which platform, what devicethey are playing, all in a single ranking list.
  • - Rank competitive: whenever a player passing his friend’s score, there is a feature to ask the player if he wants to sharethat event to his friend.
  • - Share the screenshot of earning medals: there are three medals Bronze (5pts), Silver(10pts) and Gold(20pts). Everytimes player earns a medal, the game ask if he wants to share the screenshot immediately to the social network.
  • - Invite friends: just single click invite and select friends to invite. Invited friends will get a notification to ask if theywant to join the game.

is the third thing we offer in this game. We release on IOS, Android, Windows phone, website, PC, MAC OS andmaybe on all other platforms that we hear from our players want to play on.

★Easy to play and colorful graphic.
★Connect to Facebook to challenge your friends in a cross platform leader board★Simply touch to share your friend the medal you’ve earned and make them crazy!

Trailer: https://youtu.be/psw00nqw2tM
Price: Free
Release date: 22th April 2015
Available: IOS Apple Store, Android Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store, Website
Website: http://microlink-studio.com/
Contact:Tung. Pham Hoang | email: contact@microlink-studio.com
FB: microlinkstudio/ Twitter: @MicroLinkStudio
Press kit: (We are welcome writers/blogger contact us for a press kit and redeem code)

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04-23-2015, 03:21 AM
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Hi everyone,
The game is released at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/cocoman/id982939482

Off topic here .

Enjoy the game!
04-23-2015, 06:12 AM
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Nice art style.
The story you have puts this commonly used gameplay mechanic well into context. It'll be nice if you can show the eruption in the background.
Imho, the game is too simple. Maybe you can add few more mechanics to make it feel less repetetive.