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Rabbit-n-Frog - Control two characters!

04-17-2015, 02:58 PM
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Rabbit-n-Frog - Control two characters!


I'd like to announce our upcoming game "Rabbit-n-Frog", which will be coming to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on Thursday April 30th!

It's an endless runner type game where you control two characters - a rabbit and a frog - and the controls are really simple, just tap one side of the screen to make one of the characters jump, and tap the other side of the screen to make the other one jump. (You can also double jump and glide by holding the screen.)

But it's not just about jumping, because to score points, the rabbit has to pick up carrots, and the frog has to pick up flies. And if the rabbit hits a fly, you lose a life, and likewise if the frog touches a carrot, you lose a life, so you have to do some mental switching when you're playing. In classic arcade tradition, you get three lives to try for a high score.

There are also twenty challenge missions that provide quick, pre-set levels to complete, five achievements, an interactive tutorial, and three different difficulty modes each with a leaderboard. It includes English and Japanese and will be available worldwide.

The game is free to play with ads, and one thing we've done that's kind of fun is you can disable the ads by scoring 100 points and clearing all twenty challenge missions.

We're looking forward to getting the game out there so people can enjoy it! Thanks for reading my post!

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04-29-2015, 10:56 PM
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Sorry to double post but our game is now available on the app store!