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Ludum Dare #32 - unconventional weapons.

04-18-2015, 01:23 AM
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Ludum Dare #32 - unconventional weapons.

Hi there, ludumdareis running its 32 competition and seeing how I need a nice crack in my seat cushion, I have left a post and joined. Might be entertaining, I don't know if any of you guys joined which is why I am posting this. Maybe there is already a thread since I am bit late.... Anyway, going to see what I can come up with. The theme looks interesting since there's like two ways to look at unconventional weapons:

1) comedy::use cows, houses, diapers, foreskin

2) serious::anything not listed as conventional weaponry according to some international treaty (maybe the Geneva). Anyway, that would be like mustard gas, flame throwers, Rambo, Rambos forskin.

If your not joining the competition what would you make? Keep in mind it's a 48 hour competition judged cruelly or there's a 72 hour jam that's less cruel (which is what I am in). Um.... Yes this looks like away to get some ideas and I suppose it will be....but if I use any idea on here that someone said I will make sure the person who said it gets credit for it. Hopefully anyone else who's making a game does too lol. No worries though, all in light fun, my idea:

A game where your lost on a desert island with only Tupperware containers and monsters. What unconventional weapon will you put together from your Tupperware and when it breaks how long will it take Tupperware to Honor it's lifetime no questions asked warranty and send you a new one! Survival island RPG at its finest! Bad guys of course are Party Light monsters, Avon Queens, Man Cave Sodomizers and a boss, Wifezilla! Tupperware won't work with Wifezilla she is immune what could you possible have put together to beat her? (Trail of money to the ocean is a great idea but it won't work because she'll be making you pick that coinage up and hand it to her).

Oh a hint: make sure you collect Pamprin and scratch tickets, combined those are better then flowers and chocolate to fight her off!

Okay let's hear em!
04-18-2015, 04:06 AM
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Bard with a guitar-weapon with weapon-switching capabilities like in Monster Hunter's Switch Axe.

For each kill while in axe form, you collect an ear.

In crossbow form, you can shoot the enemies with the ears you collected and it sticks to them.

In violin form, you play a soft melody to magically attach the ears to the enemies anatomically, on any part of their body (ears on their arms, face, legs, chest, etc, wherever your crossbow form hit them).

In guitar form, you play hard rock, and all the ears you attached with your morphing violin magic can hear the loud riffs, and the enemies die by too much loudness due to all the ears they now have, where each ear bleeds and they experience hemorrhage, and all the tiny ear bones shatter, and the eardrums get damaged.

My $0.02.

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05-05-2015, 11:30 AM
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Hi there,

I participated in a team to LD32 with the concept of using a paintbrush with colors to kill your enemies. We found it important to keep it simple with an intuitive "one-touch" gameplay accessible on smartphone.

It actually runs on Android, and we will surely try to make it run on iPhone.

Hope you will enjoy it ! Feel free to give feedbacks.
Fabien C.