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Arena Monster Alien Shooting Chaos - Out on May, 21st

04-21-2015, 02:52 AM
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Arena Monster Alien Shooting Chaos - Out on May, 21st

Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos is a high speed arcade space shooter game for iOS. AMASC challenges players to chase their highest score on short games of maximum 2 minutes period with an addictive loop between every game session.

AMASC captures the magic of classic arcade games together with the contemporary feeling providing an outstanding mobile gaming experience. It’s a fast game, with sessions from 10” to 2’. It’s innovative, the one and only game bringing the auto-lock feature in a shooting arena: the interplanetary combat capsule Zionsk - 10119 will shoot automatically every threatening life form approaching. The resources on the arena remain on every game session thus creating an endless game session loop. Moreover, the 5 special weapons designed to endure the attacks will delight those players looking for an action game with reminiscences of the arcade glorious past.

Youtube link | Pop Up

• High speed
• Classic gameplay + contemporary gameplay = awesome
• The original game bringing the auto lock-on feature
• An endless score chaser
• 5+ weapons to unlock
• Visual and explosive fun!

Screen Implosion is an independent developer and editor funded in 2015 in Berlin. Their first release "Arena: Monster Alien Shooting Chaos" will be out worldwide on May, the 21st for iOS exclusively. Screen Implosion strives to produce classic arcade games with a contemporary twist.

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04-21-2015, 10:47 AM
This looks like some retro goodness to me!

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