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App description: Dungeon Link is exciting adventure puzzle RPG created for mobile and tablet gaming! Test your wit and logic with challenging and addictive gameplay!

Help the charming warriors ambush monsters in diverting puzzle maps. Discover new characters and powerful heroes along the adventure.

Link your own path to victory in this highly addicting puzzle RPG!

Solve & Strategize with simple touch-and-drag controls
- Link tiles on the entire board to unleash maximum strength attacks
- Use your intellect to link tiles for explosive combos and fierce attacks!

Collect & Customize
- Level Up and Enhance more than 250 heroes
- Learn your hero's special attacks to gain the upper hand

Invite your friends to join the adventure!
- Make friends and combine forces to conquer the toughest dungeons
- Earn bigger rewards by working together with friends

Special Dungeons, PVP, and Boss Raids!
- Clear special dungeons to collect rare heroes
- Compete against other adventurers in PVP to prove your team's strength, power, and skill
- Engage in Boss Raids for awesome rewards

Navigate the world of Dungeon Link with Finn and Jake from Adventure Time!

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04-21-2015, 10:05 PM
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I was actually looking forward to this, I believe TA wrote an article about it. Looking forward to playing it in my free time tomorrow (:

04-21-2015, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Zeillusion View Post
I was actually looking forward to this, I believe TA wrote an article about it. Looking forward to playing it in my free time tomorrow (:
I think that you are correct.

Pine Entertainment
04-22-2015, 12:28 AM
Joined: Feb 2014
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Pretty good so far. The gameplay is unique for a puzzle rpg. Enter 564-464-344 for invite reward
04-22-2015, 01:10 AM
Awesome.. I know what i will be playing when i get home from work

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04-22-2015, 02:04 AM
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My code is 384-564-944

Yeah, played quite a bit today. I'm not sure what to think. The energy system hasn't remotely been a problem so far, and there's a lot to do. The combat system is neat but not super deep. The game gives out quite a bit of free stuff, which is great.

On the other hand, just before the iOS version went live, there was an update that made major changes to certain rewards that have massive long-term implications. Notably, some of the fairy rewards were downgraded. These are used to evolve characters and have to have the same number of stars as the character being evolved. Evolving a character (which can be done for the fairies as well) requires getting them to level 30 first (among other things) meaning the difficulty of getting characters to 6* was increased by an order of magnitude. I'm just not sure how this will impact the game long-term. I haven't even brought up th fact that soft launch data was not wiped, further magnified by the changes.

Edit: had incorrectly stated the fairies were bumped down two ranks.

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04-22-2015, 07:54 AM
1.2gb, Is it right? In the Google play store the game has only 40~50mb.
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04-22-2015, 08:30 AM
Woah O.o it says 361 mb so thats a big jump
04-22-2015, 10:48 AM
Game plays really well from my first hour inside... gems seems lucrative enough but then again they always do this early on!

PLease add me 454-544-244.

Also made the post below for invites

04-22-2015, 11:56 AM
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Add me, 134-364-444. Also have my reward for trade.

Currently playing Hero Academy 2 and South Park Phone Destroyer