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🐙 Oczilla - The Mutant Octopus - A Remake of Octogeddon

04-25-2015, 01:18 PM
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🐙 Oczilla - The Mutant Octopus - A Remake of Octogeddon


Greetings from new comer here!
Do you guys like a game like this?

It's Octogeddon, an unfinished PC game made by Mr. George Fan, one of the creators of Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ).
I started to remake it for iOS last year, and about to finish this new kind of tower defense.
The game name is Oczilla, and the game icon is:
I'm very nervous because I'm trying something new & not yet proven to be loved by people...
Here's a video of the original game (I'm not the Pewdiepie guy in the video, by the way):


Will you like this new game kind on iOS, guys? 🐙

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04-27-2015, 12:42 AM
Cool concept. This game looks fun, would definitely play on iOS

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04-27-2015, 01:00 AM
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I would play it on IOS. Looks like it could be a fun time waster.
04-27-2015, 02:43 AM
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Is Geogre Fan also work in this game, or do you consult him in any way? I'm really curious about what his next game would be after PvZ, now that Popcap has laid him off.

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04-27-2015, 11:01 AM
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Thanks guys for the cool feedbacks.

George Fan doesn't work on this game.
I've been trying to search for his contact to consult him. But what I got was a twitter account which is inactive from 2012...
What I have done for this is that I included his name in my game credits.
Guys, if I could not reach him for permission, will this be illegal to publish this game?

The making story is:
I'm George Fan's big fan, even I'm playing Insaniquarium nowadays.
He's in big companies, I'm Mr. Lonely.
I know him, he doesn't know me.
I love his unfinished game Octogeddon, he had not finished it.
So, I decided to remake it guiltily.

Anyway, here are some too colorful screenshots:

Guys, I will love your feedbacks!

P/S: I remake this game because I love it (I love money, too ). If I can do anything for George Fan to authorize me, I will be happy to.
04-28-2015, 07:33 PM
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Here's another gameplay screenshot:

I added many heads beside the original octopus head: Spider Man, Bat Man, The Mask...
And those legs with different attacking ability. The dragon leg is the most powerful one. It shoots bullet that can chase enemy.

The gameplay is deadly simple: you touch on the left or right side of the screen to rotate the octopus.
You also have 3 special weapons, which can be used by 3 buttons at the bottom.

Your feedbacks are much appreciated!
04-30-2015, 05:16 PM
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I'm not sure if it's completely illegal without his consent... It's looking really cool though. I'm not sure what the context of his unfinished game was, you'd probably be a bit safer if you have a different setting and/or metaphor for the mechanics, but that might be too late. In any case, looks nice, I'd love to play this!

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05-05-2015, 12:22 PM
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I suggest you not release this game or try making any monetary gains from it. It is cool that you love Octogeddon enough to do this but make it a labor of love. There are many legal issues you may run into if you pursue putting this game out to the public for profit or otherwise.
09-19-2017, 01:43 PM
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The guy must be getting rich now.
His game got promoted on FGTeeV channel, which has > 4M subscribers. Just wowww