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App description: In Machweo, draw your own path, and do whatever it takes to avoid the masks!

- Gradually increasing difficulty
- Over 100 unique obstacle patterns
- Original path drawing mechanic
- Authentic rhythms and music
- Simple swipe controls
- Game Center leaderboard
- In-game milestones for friends and competitors to see
- Simulated day/night cycle
- Three gorgeous regions
- Real environmental sounds
- Free with ads
- Optional in-app purchase to remove ads
- Minimalist user interface

Machweo's comments:
Hey guys, Vivek Bigelow and I, Zachary Feldcamp, recently shipped our first game, Machweo, to the iOS app store. We're just starting out in the industry and we'd love if you could spread the word about our game.

Machweo is an endless runner for iPhone where the player draws a path for a running character. The object of the game is to have the player run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles in the form of masks of gradually increasing difficulty. The character leaves behind a pile of stones called a cairn at the location of her furthest distance which also posted to a leaderboard for friends and competitors to see.

Machweos art style describes simple scenes in various natural environments. The time of day progresses from the players local time. For instance, if the player starts Machweo at 12 pm, then the sun will be high in the sky, everything will be bright, and birds will be chirping. The game has an upbeat rhythmic track which plays when the game is in action, and ends when the player hits a mask.

Machweo was developed by Vivek Bigelow and Zachary Feldcamp, two students at Indiana University Bloomington.
Vivek Bigelow, 20, drew all of the visuals and edited the sounds for Machweo.
Zachary Feldcamp, 22, programmed Machweo.

If you're interested, check out the attached zip folder with media and a description of the game. Thanks for reading, Zack.

04-28-2015, 10:11 AM
Oh, no rpg only a free runner...

This simple, yet charming and unique runner hits all my spots right. After five mins i got used to the drawing which is accurat enough with the last pixel on my side. It's colorful with a timeless african drum beat, has a clever challenging and responsive gameplay mechanic and a fast replay button. One iap to remove the ads for one dollar. Very well done.
05-01-2015, 10:46 PM
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Hey, thanks a lot man. I'm glad you like it.