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App description: Hey skate punk, ever wish you never had to leave your board? Forget the half-pipe: in Skatelander the whole world is your stunt arena. And like the real world, there are no boundaries, no limits or end to your gameplaythe game will keep going as long as you do!

Dodge obstacles across different landscapes and cityscapes in this mash-up between a endless runner and stunt-based skateboard games.

Pick up experience when you avoid obstacles and road blocks, jump, and skate through an ever-changing line-up of backdrops. Then trade on that experience to upgrade, customize, and unlock characters. If you're already a fan of endless running games, or are about to be a convert, this will be one of the most addictive games you play this year!

Get your bearings in the limitless scenery of one of the best arcade-style 2D games of 2015. This side-scrolling adventure on wheels is simple but satisfying. Players will love the game's 2D ISO designs and voxel art, nominated for ""Best Game Art"" at Casual Connect Asia 2015. The scenery even changes depending on what character you are playing!

Why play? What's so special about this game, you ask? Wondering what exactly you can do in the Skatelander world? You can...
- Enjoy the charmingly detailed side-scrolling action
- Gape at the stunning voxel art.
- Play 60+ entertaining characters, each with different outfits and styles, and each influencing the environments through which they skate.
- Unlock more characters in the ""Get Characters"" machine.
- Try out about 25 different skateboards.
- Complete crazy stunts.
- Collect 20 achievements.
- Laugh at the hilarious character antics and funny sound effects.
- Create images and videos of your gameplay and share them with friends.
- Climb to the top of the leaderboards.

Skateboarding fans, test the speed of your eyes and fingers to leap and avoid the many pitfalls of this skateboarding world. Fall down in a blink of an eye but get right back on your feet for one more go, just like in real life. Only, this skater adventure can last as long as you like, and there's no fear of bruises or broken bones. Let the endless adventure begin!

underDOGS Gaming Studio's comments:

With all your support in past couple of months, we are now ready to release our game Skatelander today.

Skatelander releasing today worldwide (except China, Japan and Korea)

04-30-2015, 01:12 AM
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04-30-2015, 06:07 AM
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FINALLY! I've been waiting for this game to release.
04-30-2015, 08:14 AM
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Skatelander is available now!

Originally Posted by NOEN View Post
FINALLY! I've been waiting for this game to release.

The game is available on the Appstore now!

Have fun here:

Enjoy playing the game

04-30-2015, 01:25 PM
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You know what's strange? I can't find this game with search option on the AppStore, but going through the link you provided works just fine. Is it because the game's new or might there be any other issue?

Game Center / Google Play Games -> macplash
04-30-2015, 04:18 PM
I want to like this game but there are so many CR elements to it....
04-30-2015, 04:36 PM
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I'm really liking this game. Sure, it's a lot like CR, but I love skateboarding games. I guess it's the whole nastalgia thing since I skated back in the day, but still, its a lot of fun. You can buy new boards, tricks, characters. One thing I noticed is that the whole theme and music changes to match every character, so it's almost like a (little) different game with ever character you get. I will say that it's a little on the slim side for gaining currency, but it's not really bad. Your just going to have to "grind" a lot (get it? A skateboarding pun!) and get you rewards when they come in a la Crossy Road, watch vids, or do away with all that and buy an IAP. I still say it's worth a download. Expecially if you dig games like CR.
04-30-2015, 05:31 PM
I really dislike is the way that some elements of the UI are shamelessly copied from Crossy Road, for example the character selection screen and the jackpot machine to name a couple.

That said it's not necessarily a bad game. Maybe it's me but I find the isometric view really affects my accuracy when trying to avoid objects, as it's difficult to guess accurately if you're in the right lane.
04-30-2015, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by romiem View Post
I really dislike is the way that some elements of the UI are shamelessly copied from Crossy Road, for example the character selection screen and the jackpot machine to name a couple.
I agree. It smacks of desperation. Stop being a copycat and get an original idea. Like have it be a slot machine or something. Expand on the original idea a little bit.