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App description: Online racing for iPhone and iPod Touch over 3G or WiFi Internet!

Sprint Addict Online is a futuristic-style motorcycle 3D real-time massively, cross-country, multicultural, multiplayer online racing game, played over the Internet using mobile 3G networks and WiFi Internet on your iPhone or iPod Touch devices.*
(Please read below about network connectivity requirements before downloading.)

This is an exclusive online-only game (no off-line mode). When you play Sprint Addict on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will be racing with people from all over the world, using mobile Internet connectivity, wherever you are.*

Do you accept the challenge?

This game is available in english only, and although players from multiple countries will meet online for racing, the official language for chatting in-game is english only.

Sprint Addict requires you to create a player account online at http://www.sprintaddict.net/, for which you need to have a working eMail address.
Additionally to this purchase, this game requires you to buy credits online to get full game functionality. This game does not use time-based subscription at this time. To get full functionality, you need a Sprint Addict Premium Account. To get Premium service, you will need to buy credits online, that will be charged when you race, allowing you to just pay for what you play. However, you will be able to play without purchasing credits, but with some limitations.

* Important networking information before buying:

In general players from Americas, Europe and Western Asia should have no problem at all if played using mobile 3G or WiFi broadband Internet connections.

You can check connectivity from your country by pinging the racing servers from your location. To do so, from a command console on your computer issue the command "ping speedtest.sprintaddict.net" (without the double quotes).
The average ping result will determine if connectivity is OK from your location. If you are going to play over a 3G network, an average of 100ms should be added to the average ping value obtained with the command above.
If the final ping value is under 300 you should be Ok. If it's between 300-500 game should work, but not as smooth. If it's over 500 the game most probably will not work from your location.

**Game details.

- This game is online only, and a broadband Internet connection (3G or WiFi) is required. Please check with your carrier about Internet access pricing from your device.
- A maximum 500 ms ping delay with speedtest.sprintaddict.net is required (the lower, the better).
- A minimum of 5KB per second transfer rate is required. (3G networks run at aprox. as much as 40KB per second).
- When racing, make sure no other App on your device uses Internet connection, so that no interfering occurs with the game connection transfer rates.
- Racing is done by tilting the mobile device and using multi-touch controls to maneuver your vehicle.
- Three online circuits are currently available for this initial release, and more are on the way.
- Three different vehicle models are available, and several different skins to tune your bike.
- A complete game manual is available online for you to read at Sprint Addict web site, which you can reach through a link from the game itself.
- Pilot rankings are created real-time based on racing results. Racing results give points to racers, and several in-race achievements also give points that ultimately sum up to your racer profile.
-Country rankings are available. Mean rankings for each country are computed realtime based on racing results. The country with highest mean ranking will score the most.

Have fun, and good luck!

Champen's comments:
Realtime 3D multiplayer online racing on both WiFi and 3G broadband Internet.


Opinions? :-)
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Already a thread, unless this person is the dev...

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Originally Posted by Lombardo View Post
Already a thread, unless this person is the dev...
Hi Lombardo.

Yes I am... tough by the way.

I'm the dev, the graphics designer, the musician, sound technician.... tough.

I guess this is an announcement. Is there a specific format for this?

Game has been enabled in iTunes for all network-supported countries 2 days ago.
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No no if your the developer you did everything right with this thread. Anyways I was just wondering how many people are usually online?
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If you edit your first post and put in:


...then it'll show all the description for your game from the App Store.

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Thanks for updating the info; it does look better than I put it. Thanks
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there's a GP edition out now: