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App description: Help Wooli make his way home to Ploppington and reunite him with his wife and lambs.
Run, jump, slide and fly through beautiful hilly terrain but WATCH OUT for the sharp teeth closing in behind!

- Plop on enemies heads to slow them down.
- Use 'Sheep Shields' for invincibility and 'Haywire' for super speed.
- Collect Mutton Buttons for extra lives.
- Pick up Golden Grass To Earn Special Sheep.
- Burn through the streets of London in Race Mode
- Challenge friends and try to beat their times.
- Stunning procedurally generated graphics

...and much more.

Why you MUST help Wooli... (An Ode To Wooli)

Wooli is a special sheep a special sheep is he,
He won first prize at the international sheep show
and was as happy as could be...

But all of a sudden things went wrong,
The wagon sped off without him on...

He chased the wagon through wind and rain,
But alas his efforts were all in vain...

He stopped for a moment to puff and groan,
then suddenly realized he wasn't alone...

The eyes that appeared were such a shock,
that Wooli did a little plop.

He span around and ran for the wood,
His little legs moving as fast as they could...

Now Wooli needs YOU....download now and help him make his way home!