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App description: Best-selling arcade puzzler now on the App Store! Lifes tough when youre an armadillo who can roll but cant stopespecially when youre trying to strike it rich in the Wild West! Position the armadillo so you can scoop up the gold while avoiding snakes, scorpions, spikes, and other dangers.

Armadillo Gold Rush has 75+ levels of obstacles, enemies, and traps standing between your armadillo and precious gold. Puzzle out a path that rolls your armadillo over the coins without losing its life. To grab all the gold youll need to get clever with bombs, blocks, tunnels, one-way doors, rockets, switches, and most of all your brain!

A mobile best seller for 10+ years, Armadillo Gold Rush has been recreated for iPhone & iPad with updated graphics and easy-to-learn touch controls.

75+ unique levels test your reflexes and challenge your puzzle solving skills
Roll through forest mazes, rocky deserts, underground caves, dark canyons, and more with progressively harder puzzles
Built-in star system offers many hours of replay
Clever solutions will increase your combo meter and yield huge scores
Challenge yourself to solve levels in fewer moves and the fastest possible time
Unlock new levels as you beat different parts of the game

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AppAbove Games has announced that Armadillo Gold Rush HD is making its way to the App Store this Thursday, May 7th. This game has you controlling an armadillo who must roll around and collect all the gold coins in each level, because armadillos only deal with the gold standard, probably. You'll be using alls to stop you and change direction, with springs, balls, and boxes that can help you in your way to become the richest armadillo in all the land.

This game actually has an interesting origin as a mobile game from 2006. Yes, back in the days of feature phones. You'll notice some familiar levels in the game from the original video (see review for video)

The game actually seems to hold up really well in 2015; I started playing a version of the game before knowing that it was a feature phone game and thought it was pretty clever. Plus, the visuals look a lot better in the 2015 HD version! This should be a solid little puzzle game to play when it releases for $2.99 on Thursday, May 7th.
05-07-2015, 01:18 AM
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05-07-2015, 01:24 AM
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FML. What is this week!?!?!?!? I dare anyone to say "weak week". I'm seriously wondering if it was worth picking up the special edition of Mortal Kombat X on PS4 a couple of days ago...because iOS is breaking my bloody wallet!!!!!

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05-07-2015, 04:17 PM
Concidering how many new games are out this week (thanks PeteOzzy), i dare to say...

This is a rock solid puzzler with an incredible smooth, responsive and fast gameplay in any device position! and even faster loading times. Finally found some Devs to support today. Here is only a short version for me: GOTW

The only hair in the soup could be a single mute button for both, music and sfx sounds. Why are you doing this, Devs?! Banjo music won't fit everybody's taste, i guess.
05-07-2015, 06:34 PM
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Damn! I forgot all about this game. Any time I turn around today, I'm buying another game.