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Puzzle Sweeper

05-19-2015, 10:16 AM
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Puzzle Sweeper

Hi everybody, I would like to introduce our latest game Puzzle Sweeper coming soon to iOS and Android devices.

We're calling it a Minesweeper-like as the idea came from trying to mash together Minesweeper and a dungeon crawler.

"Puzzle Sweeper is a unique puzzle game that combines minesweeper and dungeon crawling in one mind boggling game. Explore the dungeon, disarm the traps and escape with the treasure in the quickest time you can. Featuring 3 different board difficulties and randomised dungeons so each play through is never the same."

Here is a screen shot of a Puzzle Sweeper board

As you can see the game plays a lot like Minesweeper but instead of just mines the board contains traps, keys, chests and a dungeon exit, all of which must be found to escape the dungeon. The numbers on the green blocks behave just like the numbers do in minesweeper and indicate what is in the surrounding squares, red for a trap, yellow for a key, blue for a chest and orange for the dungeon exit. Traps must be disarmed by double tapping them and you need to find the keys to open both the chest and the exit. To get 100% on a board you need to disarm all the traps and escape with the treasure.

The game is almost done (80%) so if there is anybody out there that would be interested in helping out with testing please get in touch.
I will update this thread with some more gameplay info soon
05-21-2015, 11:52 AM
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Puzzle Sweeper

You can now follow Puzzle Sweeper on Slide DB

Please also check out the gameplay videos below

05-27-2015, 10:37 AM
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Lets Play Puzzle Sweeper

We have just released a small Lets Play style video of Puzzle Sweeper;

05-29-2015, 01:18 PM
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Puzzle Sweeper Beta Testing now open

Hi everybody

Beta testing is now open for anybody interested in testing out Puzzle Sweeper. All we ask is that you play the game for 10-15 minutes and then fill out a short feedback survey about your experience. The whole thing should take no more than 20 mins of your time and in exchange we are offering a free copy of the game upon release (on a platform of your choice).

The testing will take place on a version of the game hosted on our website so no devices are required.

Please send me a direct message if you are interested


06-24-2015, 12:53 PM
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We have just released a new trailer for Puzzle Sweeper

06-24-2015, 09:59 PM
Originally Posted by Electric Fruit View Post
We have just released a new trailer for Puzzle Sweeper

YouTube: video
Ready to buy this one for sure. The beta hosted on your site wouldn't load on my phone and I don't have a computer at the moment....
Got a release date yet?
06-26-2015, 05:29 AM
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Puzze Sweeper

Hi vectorarchitekt

Sorry to hear you couldn't access the beta.

We are currently preparing Puzzle Sweeper for submission to the App Store and if everything goes well we will be releasing on Thursday 9th July.

07-09-2015, 02:04 AM
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Looks promising. Love both, puzzles and dungeon crawlers.

Today is the 9th of july, do you release the game?
07-09-2015, 03:08 PM
No appearance on the store yet. Maybe it is stuck in approval or something?
07-16-2015, 04:37 AM
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Puzzle Sweeper Released

Just letting anybody who's watching this thread know that Puzzle Sweeper has just been released on to the App Store.

Check out the main forum thread for details, there are also a few promo codes for anybody that wants / needs them