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App description: ++++BEST MISSIONARY GAME EVER!!!++++
Accept the Call and Find Out Why this Game is taking the LDS World by Storm!!!!!
Many are called, but few are chosen to master this ULTIMATE LDS fun challenge! Pick your favorite missionary character and race through the city streets collecting points and dodging obstacles. You will need every ounce of agility you can find to beat this game!!! Do you have what it takes?!?

"By far the best LDS game out there!" -Lincoln T.
"This game is awesome!!!! I am totally addicted." -Sadie A.
"I really love this game. The missionaries are so cool!" -Carsen P.

-Awesome Missionary Characters to Choose From
-Amazing Graphics
-Collect Coins and Power-ups
-Increasingly Challenging
-Great for all ages!
-Exciting Game Play
-"Church Mode" Available

Elders, Sisters....accept the call and play TODAY!!!
05-22-2015, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by anabolicMike View Post
If I play this do I get to have lots of wives?????.... Actually when I think about it what kind of crazy fool wants more then one wife? I already get nagged/interrogated if I'm five minutes late from work, get a phone call, make a phone call. Come I without pants on, forget my computer, walk into the wrong house again..... you get my point, I have one wife too many as it, this having more then one is terrifying! I'd never do it! What a horrible thing! You'd never see the phone, the remote, the bathroom..... Oh man and getting intimate the jealousy would be horrible... This is probably hell, that's what they are getting you ready for...Hell... There's only one thing that could be worse! Well two things, if all five of your wives were pregnant at the same time (oh my Eli) and of course the worst would be if you were a girl with five husbands.... That would be terrifying!
First of all I am mormon and we don't practice polygamy. We did in the 1800's and then stopped, and it is now a serious sin, so please don't bash on us :/

05-23-2015, 01:04 AM
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I have to ask.... what exactly is "church mode"?
05-23-2015, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by wigzisonfire View Post
Yes, like in the greatest indie rogue like shooter of recent memory - "The Binding of Isaac"
As long as its a fiction it doesn't bother me
05-23-2015, 04:35 AM
I've no interest in giving the game a download to find out if I'm right, but this just appears to be someone capitalizing on the Mormon faith (and perhaps even the popularity of the Broadway show "The Book of Mormon"), not actually pushing it. Look at his other apps. Not exactly screaming quality or consistancy. Just someone looking to make a quick buck.
Plus, the screenshots in this game look the same as one of his games (also Mormon) that's been out already since October 2014.
05-23-2015, 07:11 AM
Yeah I don't know why this is even in the new games section, as someone has already said there are 2 paid Mormon games that are identical to this one. I think if this didn't have the "Mormon" in the title it would be buried under a million of the other dross titles they are peddling. And no I'm not against religion, but I disagree with somebody when they said there is religion in a lot of games, since when are spells in an rpg religious? This game is a religious title, other rpgs are not.
05-23-2015, 12:50 PM
Oh Jesus! I'm downloading just because I have to just see it. Lol
05-23-2015, 02:29 PM
The question is, when do we see the 3D Amish game.
05-23-2015, 03:24 PM
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Now I've seen it all! 😂
05-23-2015, 03:36 PM
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Next up for this developer: 3D Scientology Sprint Game.