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App description: The endless runner with a twist and we do mean that quite literally...

Enter the world of Roll'd where rolling comes in at a new degree.

Try and best you record with each game but remember about the twist, for you do not control the hero...
...you control the track. Keep it steady and beat your record with every new game. The higher your score the faster you levelup and unlock the next level.

Run through the varying settings all specifically stylised with references and inspirations ranging from the CGA era, through 8-16bit NES/SNES to the golden ages of the Amiga and more. But at the same time they are all up to date with modern lighting effects, dynamic weather and some other cool visual treats.

Leaderboards are ready to go so to best your fellow man you can always check who has been the top Roller. But be wary though, Roll'd can and will be unforgiving and reaching that extra point with each game will prove to be a demanding yet exciting task.

See you rolling!


-A unique twist on a classic genre


-Varying and beautiful graphical settings and animations

-Engaging Original Soundtrack

-Varying weather, atmospheric effects and day cycle

-Rich post effects going hand in hand with the visuals and audio



All IAP (In App Purchases) are ingame levels which can be unlocked for free ingame. The better you play, the higher score multiplier you receive. The higher your score the faster you levelup and unlock the next level.


Ingame instructions available in English, French, German & Polish.
05-27-2015, 01:57 AM
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My god this is pretty hard. It's difficult to tell how far of an angle it takes for you to die.
06-09-2015, 09:59 AM
Please excuse the delayed reply, I'm still new to how creating new game topics works here on the forums and was following the wrong thread. Sorry about that.

Regarding the angle, when you are near the fatal angle limit your character will start moving much faster, this is more obvious in other levels/characters (ie Sir Oinkalot will start flailing his arms). Once you get a feel for it you will start literally "gliding" through the game. Picking this up ought to be made much easier in the upcoming patch, with only easy section being generated during the early levels of the game.

Speaking of the patch, besides addressing overal difficulty it will also be adding some new features:

-it will introduce much faster leveling, bonus unlocks, new selectible characters.

-Also the first 3 levels will only have easy sections up until the third multiplier.

-Currently the first score multiplier is at 125 points, this will be lowered to 75.

-the first newgame per sessions will start with a short autoplay exaplaining game mechanics

-new level variations with custom in-house designed lighting effects and a very cool arcade CRT effect.

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08-13-2015, 12:07 AM
Joined: Aug 2012
Location: On the toilet
Posts: 4,623
An update is out. I forgot how much fun this game can be.
08-13-2015, 07:50 AM
Thanks CoolPepper Hope you like the new features.

Speaking of which:


The first BIG patch just came a' rollin'...
Goodies include:
-Adjusted difficulty
-Reworked and much faster leveling
-First bonus multiplier now set to 62 instead of 125 points
-Upon first bootup a short autoplay will show the game mechanics
-The first set of theme variations featuring our inhouse designed, intense posteffects
-New selectible characters
-Updated instructions and Credits
-Points accumulation: carry over points from the old version for instant unlocks

PS. If post patch you are above level 5 (or level 15,25 etc) you have a level theme variation unlocked. To select it, just tap the level graphic/icon during the level select screen. So at level 5 you unlock the minimalian level varation, at level 15 the oinkalot level varation and so on.