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Warhammer Quest-like games?

05-30-2015, 02:02 AM
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Warhammer Quest-like games?

Any suggestions for games like Warhammer Quest? I still have not found another RPG that I've liked as much as that one. Here's why I like it:
- permanent characters, leveling up (i.e., no starting over every time)
- turn-based
- simple mechanics
- easy :-) WQ is pretty easy to walk around and kill stuff, find new loot without working too hard to stay alive
- no wandering around empty lands and buildings that you've already been in

I've tried some rogue-likes which always sound good, but then the starting over every time gets to me and I get sick of them. I tried one of the Avadon titles for a full-fledged RPG and it just wasn't for me -- battles that were way too tedious, too hard, and too much time spent moving around. I haven't played Banner Saga yet. Any other ideas?
05-30-2015, 02:50 AM
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Have you try Hunters from the same devs? Is almost the same but instead with a warhammer 40k style
05-30-2015, 02:52 AM
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Banner Saga is quite good, but admittedly I didn't finish it yet, still got the last part to go sometime.
Did you try the Baldur's Gates, Icewind Dale and or StarWars:KOTOR? Pseudo-turnbased, and lots of travelling (but never boring). The individual areas feel pretty neat and tight, not overly spaced.

For more fighting and less other stuff:
Arcane Quest 2, Crowntakers, Devils & Demons. All three very good, and different enough from each other to not get boring when you play all three.

And of course my current favorite, Demon Hunters.
It's in public beta, and the dev is nothing but awesome. Check the thread, or send a PM to WaveLightGames if you want to hop on board before release. If you want to check: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=249049
05-30-2015, 03:09 AM
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Thanks for the suggestions so far, I will check them out. Any comments on how difficult are Banner Saga, StarWars:KOTOR or the others you mentioned? I'm a pretty casual player.

I did try Hunters (2, I think) and didn't care for it. I'm not sure exactly why, but maybe some kind of fantasy theme is the way to go for me.

I have been playing Crowntakers, and that's actually what made me realize that I can't stand when I have to start over every dang time. I've only gotten past about 4 areas, and already I dread opening the game up again to get through the first few areas again and try to build up some equipment.
05-30-2015, 12:04 PM
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BG1&2 and IWD can be as easy or hard as you want, very well adjustable difficulty; the easiest is specifically called story mode.
SW:KOTOR I find pretty easy so far, I didn't even check if there is a difficulty slider. Some battles are pretty tough when you stumble in unprepared. But with just a little bit of preparation and thinking about what I am doing those turned easy too.

Banner Saga covers the whole range from laughably easy to iPad-biting hard, varies quite much per battle. What really put me off from finishing it is that you can totally mess up your character builds and make the game unwinnable.

Normally I absolutely dislike permadeath as well, but Crowntakers is a nice exception. You can finish a playthrough within 30 minutes, 1.5 hours is easily doable. It's not Nethack where you need to play flawlessly for dozens of hours to complete the game.
The fun for me came with unlocking the different chars and their tiers, and trying out different combinations.

I enjoyed the Avadons very much, and BG, IWD and KOTOR are closer to Avadon than to WHQ. And they are long, each clocking in at 40+ hours. So better take a look at gameplay videos or reviews first.
Arcane Quest 2 you might find a bit too long-winded (some of the dungeons easily take an hour or more to complete). Personally, I don't find it too difficult. But then I got lots of experience to draw from.
Your best bets might be Devils & Demons and Demon Hunters. I'd say both are on about the same difficulty level as WHQ.
05-30-2015, 06:50 PM
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Thanks, that's super helpful.