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App description: 100T Earth Defender is a crazy battle simulation game.
Build bases, send soldiers against the monsters!
And don't forget your secret weapon in the mother base! Save the Earth now!!

In year 20xx, an unknown lifeform appeared and started to evolve into monsters. The survival of humanity is at stake!

However, we will not give up! We must stand up and fight! We are the last hope of humankind!
One man is powerless, but 1 TRILLION will make different!

We are the united force of the Earth. We, are the Earth Defender Corps!


Game Features:

-Send trillions of soldiers towards the frontline, non-stop!
-Kill monsters. Gain grounds. Build new forward bases to deploy more powerful troopers!
-Use the secret weapon built in the mother base to win the battle!
-As a commander, your presence will boost the morale of the troops and they will fight better!
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Video Gameplay

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This gave me pop ups and wouldn't stop loading the web browser and other such nonsense didn't even get to try it before I uninstalled... If this wasn't an iPad and was a Windows machine I would probably have 1287 malware and it wouldn't turn on without over heating
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update a youtube