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Ocean Blast (by Pandastic Games)

06-01-2015, 07:28 AM
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Ocean Blast (by Pandastic Games)

Hello Everyone!

it is with great pleasure that we can announce our latest game 'Ocean Blast'. It's a match-3 puzzle game with strategic elements. In another words it's like Candy Crush Saga with a brain

Each level set in a vibrant underwater world gives you a set number of turns to catch a specific number and species of Fishie. It starts off easy, but as you dive deeper in search of Fishies that are harder to catch, you’ll need to plan ahead to meet the goal before your turns run out.

How do you catch a fish? With a line, of course! Drag your finger across a line of 3 or more matching Fishies to catch them. Match long lines, charge up with Flashy Fishies, and make awesome chain reactions.

Each of Ocean Blast’s initial 100 levels is like a puzzle to solve, with a unique hexagonal board that makes you think about the best way to score your catch around obstacles like stubborn coral and sleeping turtles. And prepare for a challenging boss fight every 20 levels—can you beat Jefferson the Whale or the fearsome monster Myrmidon?

Ocean Blast is a charming game that will make even the saltiest fisherman smile. If you enjoyed games like Bubble Witch Saga, Frozen, and Candy Crush Saga, you’ll love this match-3 puzzle game!

Key Features
* Use your finger to match lines of 3 or more Fishies on clever hexagonal boards
* Longer lines generate Flashy Fishies, which cause awesome chain reactions
* Challenge increases as you go up against new sea creatures with special abilities
* Bonuses, boosters, and power-ups add to the matching strategy
* Epic boss battles every 20 levels
* Explore the deeps Share Ocean Blast with friends through Facebook synchronization

Ocean Blast will completely free to play and available in July 2015 for App Store, Google Play and Facebook.
You can sign-up for a launch notification at http://www.pandasticgames.com/oceanblast/

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06-01-2015, 07:34 AM
Another match-3? Boo.

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06-01-2015, 09:33 AM
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There are literally thousands of these games. Why do we need more?
06-01-2015, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by KilluaX3 View Post
There are literally thousands of these games. Why do we need more?
Hey KilluaX3 & RareSloth, the strategic layer makes Ocean Blast different from existing titles. The gameplay is much more about planning your steps, using different sea animal species and understand how the hexagonal game board effects your goals. If you still aren't convinced I can invite you for beta testing and I bet you will have more fun with Ocean Blast than with other match 3 games.