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App description: *** Featured by Apple in Best New Games ***

Panda is hungry (always). Ahah! Lo and behold, Sensei has left freshly cooked rice bowls out to cool, complete with chop sticks, so gooood... Lunch is served! Be quick, tighten that bandana, and make a dash for it. How hungry are you?


Simple One-Touch Gameplay
Endless Fun
Variety of Minimalistic Environments
Tons of Unique Obstacles
Compete with Friends and Family with Game Center Leaderboards!

How to Play:

Tap anywhere on the screen to begin your journey. Avoid the obstacles and collect as many rice bowls as you can!
06-03-2015, 10:29 PM
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Not disponible on the mexican appstore.
06-04-2015, 01:06 AM
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LO and behold. LO! arrrrrrrrrgh

pardonable if writer is a non-native speaker. Otherwise? arrrrrrrrrrrgh
06-04-2015, 03:44 PM
I got a code to try this out before it hit, I will repost my impressions here if anyone is interested:

Ok I have played about 50 times total since my first post. Here are my thoughts:

1. It is hard, but once you get a rhythm it is really fun. I have gotten to where I can score in the 20's a good bit of the time. Still I have only made it through the snow balls once or twice, and I have never made it through the section where small spikes drop from the low ceiling which also has fish and spikes from the floor. Once I can crack these two I should be able to progress more. I also made it to a jumping fish zone but only once.

2. It is addictive. This is one of those games that I can play over and over, and they don't come along for me very often. I can't think of one in recent memory, but it does bring back memories of Jetpack Joyride where I used to run time and again when I first got it.

3. The length is perfect for a phone game.

4. I love the music, graphic design, and theme. I am a bit biased due to my love for pandas (my main on WOW is a panda).

5. No ads in the prerelease version, but now they appear as dismissable boxes after a certain number of plays and at the start. Easy to purchase the removal however which is really good.

It looks like you did get a mention on best new games appsolute, so congrats on that, it is well deserved.

Edit: Also since this preview I have gotten quite good, just hit 73 which puts me comfortably in the top spot on the leaderboards....for now. I am sure someone who has OCPD or a hack will come along soon and steal my glory.

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