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App description: Munky's on a trip to Happy Banana Land.
Guide Munky around 50 levels, gathering up all the bananas, and avoiding all the evil monsters along the way.
Throw rocks at beasties to keep them at bay, and as always Dislike the Spikes!

Jayenkai's comments:
Invisible Munky 2 : AppStore (0.79p/$0.99/equivalent)

Welcome to Happy Banana Land, where bananas float in mid-air, and trees grow in strange haphazard ways!

Invisible Munky 2 follows the adventures of our Munky hero through the wireframe landscape of Happy Banana Land.

Take control of Munky and gather up all the bananas that you can, before heading to the exit.
Grab a rock, and use it to thwart evil enemies along the way, who might try to get in your way.
And if you spot a Spinning Spike, do what comes naturally.. "Spike Dislike!"

Youtube link | Pop Up

Invisible Munky 2 is out now in the iOS AppStore, and runs (in Landscape mode only) on all recent devices.
Give Munky a twirl, and let me know how you get on.

Invisible Munky 2 : AppStore (0.79p/$0.99/equivalent)


I recently bought a new MacMini and needed to upload something quick, to ensure my DevKit was suitably organised. This is game #1 in a trilogy of games that will be appearing on the AppStore over the next few days.
Since this is the first game, it's more of a test than what I'd call a "Proper" game. That's not to say that a 50 level platform game is "Just a test", but this is really just the start of what will be a barrage of awesomeness from AGameAWeek!

I have two more games currently awaiting review. One is SpikeDislike3 (YouTube), which should be here in just a few days, and the other is ChuckABall (YouTube) which was only just uploaded a matter of hours ago, should be with us at some point next week.
I hope you enjoy playing with my Munky, and that you're looking forward to disliking my spike, and then enjoying chucking my balls.

Your adventure begins here

06-11-2015, 12:46 AM
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Anyone try this while it was free? Just missed the sale. How are the controls?
06-11-2015, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by Snooptalian View Post
Anyone try this while it was free? Just missed the sale. How are the controls?
Two great big grey buttons dedicated to jumping and throwing, also a couple of ( much like our protagonist munky, ) invisible buttons for moving left or right. It could be a virtual joystick -I've never seen it! Lol. Anyway, the controls are a breeze and have a certain flow to them when you get into the swing of things! ;P
06-12-2015, 08:23 AM
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Thanks to all who've grabbed the game, so far. I hope you're all enjoying it, and are getting a decent way into the game.
I have wondered, since creating the game, whether Level 25 is obvious enough, but from the feedback I'm getting, it seems that everyone that's reached it has been able to fathom what to do, which is good!

Controls are as good as I can manage, and are near identical to the controls from NeonPlat Extreme, so if you're comfortable with those, you should be able to cope here.

Good luck making it all the way through
and thanks for playing!

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