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Online Multiplayer Turn Based RPG ideas

09-21-2009, 12:18 AM
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Online Multiplayer Turn Based RPG ideas

Hey Guys,

Awhile back I pitched some ideas for an online multi player TB (turn-based) RPG Naruto game which was the first iteration of how i would make an online multi player TB-RPG that isnt a card/puzzle game....

in fact i came up with most of the ideas as i was writing the post on the fly

you can find it here -> http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...threadid=23692

After reading some of the feedback in the thread i noticed the biggest issue or challenge/obstacle with the ideas was "licensing fees" but even so everyone seemed genuinely interested in the concepts so i have decided to tweak the ideas a bit and make them more open for an original IP, but let me make it crystal clear that licensing content from a well know franchise would most likely mean the difference between making decent sales with an original IP to getting phenomenal sales with a licensed IP from any well established insanely popular anime series.

and thats what this thread is going to be all about an online TB-RPG game and how to build a franchise with it on the iphone/itouch platform by branching it out with multiple products that share data with one another and DLC simultaneously as I will definitely be applying some ideas from another one of my posts until you guys get it

which you can find here - > http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=26159

just a heads up tho i do tend to get a little carried away in terms of the length of my posts some of them can very well turn into at least 5-6 pages long if not more i even hit the max once which is why im breaking it up into multiple post this time around -- this one being the intro

Hope you enjoy the ideas!

thx for your time

09-21-2009, 01:06 AM
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Character Creation ideas...

Character creation

As with the Naruto ideas this iteration will also have in depth character creation and customization features such as:

-you will be able to create your own characters
-tweak the way your characters look
-choose their allegiance or home town/village
-select their type
-select and optimize their skill sets
-and depending on what the IP is there may also be sub attributes like starsigns birthsigns affinity to a specific element or spirit type ect

a really REALLY deep creation and customization experience and you can of course create multiple characters on one account if you wish

Once your character and account is finished you can start buying weapons and equipment which will be represented realistically on your character as it will change the way your character looks and weapons will change animations in battle not to mention they all have their own stats and attributes that gets applied to your characters stats when you equip them.
09-21-2009, 02:26 AM
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Game Modes

This iteration of my concept will have 3 game modes:

1 quick play
2 Training
3 quest

Quick Play

The quick play mode is like a generic match making mode and a generic practice mode and a local multi player mode all rolled into one mode. if you dont have a connection it will match you up with bot battles but when you do have a connection it will match you up with other players online regardless of your allegiance, and you can also do local P2P blutooth battles in this mode as well


this mode is like a tutorial and practice mode rolled into one game mode with a little story driven content injected -- should have at least 2-3 hrs of game play covering all of the basics and the advanced tactics and some of the story and of course as the story evolves the content in this mode will evolve along with it via updates nothing to extreme but if you think about it this is the single player offline campaign mode training and practice mode rolled into one


The quest mode is what its all about this mode is a community driven MMORPG like experience.

the basic idea here is that you really don't ever walk around you just fast travel by tapping on a location you want to go to on the world map this will of course bring up a splash screen of your character walking with some tidbits of tips and tricks as well as story and lore maybe even some QTE or optional mini games once the loading is finished your connected to the servers and arrive at the new location.

you can travel freely from location to location for the most part but there are some locations you can only travel to on specific level and as you level up new locations open up for you to explore and depending on your allegiance if there is a war or conflict going on between your government or faction and the faction/government of the location your traveling to then you obviously will not be permitted to connect to that location until the conflict or war is over or a peace treaty is established

this feature needs consideration -- im thinking that each time you travel you have to have a certain stock of food and water maybe even a certain stock of supplies to make camps to rest every time you travel depending on how far it is these items will be automatically deducted from your stock if you travel without them you will lose health maybe even experience and money

each and every location (town, village, dungeon, plains ect) is an animated interactive image (you dont ever walk around in this iteration) the interactive animated images are beautiful artistic representations of the location and its basically the GUI interface to the location you are at, you can of course interact with the image with typical iphone map controls pan zoom and tapping on objects of interests to search and look for treasure or tap on an NPC walking around to talk to that NPC and of course you can tap on say a shop in the image for instance if your in a town which will bring up the shop menu/GUI same thing for most of the other features but you can also flip this image backwards or change from landscape to portrait or vice a versa to change the view of the locations GUI from the animated interactive image to just a straight up list or text/icon/tab based menu

each location will have the following features:

-camp/bar/lounge - this is like a huge twitter like activity stream where gamers can chat with other gamers currently in the location asynchronously but it updates fast enough to be almost like a live chat room if you will

-auction -- where you can trade/sell/buy items, equipment ect with other users currently in the same location

- shops/merchants kinda self explanatory you can buy things from the current location

-inns rest to replenish hp/mp

- you can browse through lists of other users online challenge them to a 1v1 battles, friend request them, invite them to your party or block report them

-you can invite your friends in the game to your location and of course invite your friends from twitter and facebook to the game and location

-there is a battle mode you can turn off and on turn it on and bandits, monsters ect will attack you by popping up on the animated image these enemies are controlled by the AI and if you accept their challenge a TB-RPG battle will begin turn it off by going into sneak mode and you will not be attacked

-you can create/join user generated tournaments which play out like a round robin tournaments you can set criteria and compose the story if you will and the tournament will automatically invite users matching your criteria and these users will begin participating in round robin tournaments for whatever reason you specified when creating the tournament and each time a battle begins you get to compose a short message to the other user (voice messages would be cool too)

-missions and quests will occasionally pop up and become available to you these are like story driven tournaments workes just like user generated tournaments but they fit with the story and the criteria is automatically filled out more authentically and taken more seriously then some of the user generated tournaments will be

-last but definitely not least there will be votes and polls that you can participate in at a idk town hall? castle? audience? protest? these polls is what will drive the story and conflicts between nations or factions these will be scheduled to play out at a specific time the polls themselves and are basically locations that pop up on the image (it is essential that the image can be pushed live content and be updated in real time) when they are available you tap on it to bring up the poll leave your vote and maybe check to notify you when a decision has been made and when the story or war begins and these are the missions and quests that pop up it gets really interesting from here imagine what you can do with that concept tell me if that isnt an awesome idea a user driven story that for the most part evolves depending on polls and activity in the game i mean come on seriously im trying my best here to impress you guys with my ideas im not holding ANYTHING back or holding out for my own personal benefit i like to share

The party feature

in this game you will of course be able to join/create a party of users this party will stay persistent in the GUI even if you travel to a new location it is the concept of the party in the game and how it fits can be telepathic fairies idk just use your imagination of how to explain it....but its still basically like a twitter activity stream simply because you can do private messages, replies and announcements all in one place but like i said the messages update fast so it will be like a real time chat. when you enter a battle the party will drop and your status will come up as busy when your finished with the battle you are automatically re-joined back to the party


thats it for game modes and a basic idea of how the world will come to life not hard at all you just have to create beautiful animated images hows that for low overhead? but let me make this perfectly crystal clear -- attention to detail in the images is absolutely essential that is how the world comes to life it should have personality and look just absolutely gorgeous

on to the TB-RPG battle mechanics
09-21-2009, 04:18 AM
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The RPG battle system :)

The system i designed for the Naruto post can also be used here but while im at it im going to design another system

The original concept was this:
-coin flip would decide who goes first
-each turn both players would stack 4 commands up front to be executed one at a time with the exception of the 2nd and 3rd commands these would be executed back to back

so it would play out like this --

if i hit the coin flip and got the first move my first command would get executed first and hit you
then your first command would hit me
then my 2 and 3 command would hit you back to back
then your 2 and 3 command would hit me back to back
then i would do my final command
and you would get the last hit and the first move on the next turn

that small tweak where you have to stack 4 commands up front and the 2nd and 3rd commands are executed back to back offers up a whole lot of depth and complexity on top of a traditional turn based RPG system

The New System

The new system i felt like designing is a sort of hybrid in one aspect its like a strategic RPG card game where each turn you thrown down cards but in this iteration those cards represent commands and actions its not like the traditional system tho where commands gets executed one at a time with a sort of delay between commands its more of a single action that takes all of the commands from both players into consideration stacks them up and then executes a logical chain-outcome of those commands played back to back in real time to represent one fluid battle sequence for the turn represented by animations on both devices

heres how it works:

you can play a total of 6 commands/cards in each hand/turn

there is a total of three spots in which to stack/play commands/cards they are as follows:
1) action spot
2) a switch spot
3) a special spot

the action spot is used to play offensive commands/cards like melee attacks, magic and skill cards and defensive commands/cards like block/guard counter parry dodge ect and the order in which you set the cards/commands is what will determine the order in which they are executed

UPDATE: the action spot is used for everything except defense, seams kinda pointless to even stack or play defense cards in the action spot especially if you have no idea what cards the other player has in their hand instead leveraging a combo card concept where cards both attack and defend but with a sacrifice in damage

a switch spot is different in that cards played in this spot dont actually get executed they instead are used to designate special conditions and play cards that will be switched out with the cards in the action spot. you can designate the switch spot to favor either offense or defense or luck and what it will do is basically switch these cards back and forth if any of them stack up better then what you got in the action spot on the fly but the problem is they will not be played directly so if you put 1 or 2 switch cards in the switch spot you might have a better chance in over powering the opponent or covering all the angles but you lose 2 actions that you could have performed in the sequence which is a risky business and of course they will swap back and forth so what ever card you put in the switch spot let say it stacks up better then a card you have in the action spot these 2 cards will be swapped and now the one you played in the action spot will be in the switch spot if down the line another command ends up not stacking up as good as the card that is currently in the switch spot this card will again be exchanged and back into the action spot where it was originally played but now swapped out for another command down the line

UPDATE: im starting to think that its really pointless to have defense commands in either system and instead it should leverage combo cards (which i explained above) and clashes and QTE events to decide who gets the counter or who gets the damage if there is a clash where two attack commands with the same power execute simultaneously you have a pause in the game and a sort of rock paper scissors mini game pops up to decide who gets what the winner gets the counter attack and deals the damage similar to how it works in naruto fighting games when you and your opponent clash in the air

the special spot is a condition based spot where you can drop cards in to activate special attributes and activate wild cards if you got them that get played when there is a clash or draw or the same command is executed at the same time by both players typically you will drop attributes like a bonus in strength or defense speed agility but if you have a wild card you drop it in this spot and it will play when there would have been a clash or idle action occurs (ie both characters dodge/block guard at the same time)

The cards

as you level up your character you character will automatically learn new cards that can be used in battle there are of course wildcards and ultimate cards that can only be found or won in a tournaments.

There are 6 types of cards

skills (offense & defense)
magic (offense & defense)
item card

the top 4 are pretty self explanatory

the item card is used to specify an item to be used and applied before the battle sequence begins you drop an item card in the action spot choose an item and this item will be applied before the sequence gets played out but you can only use an item card every other hand and the more you use it the less potent your items become

the wild cards are kinda like hybrid cards they can go either way and be all of the above and then some they can be used as a super powerful limit break kind of command or used as an action to play when there is a clash or they can be used as a switch card which will automatically mimic your best card and switch when appropriate the wildcards are awesome have lots of flexibility but you can only play 1 wildcard in a hand and only 2 wildcards total during the course of a battle

each card will have 3 attributes and a condition

the first attribute is a command attribute this attribute represents how much damage an attack or skill/magic will do or how much damage will be absorbed/nullified when you block or and of course dodge counter moves this attribute will represent the chances the move has at being successful

the second attribute is the spam attribute which i call "hotness" on the card like say for instance you use or play identical cards multiple times thus spamming them doing so will increase the cards "hotness" the more hot it is the less potent or powerful it becomes

the third attribute is a card multiplier this attribute designates how many cards of that type you can play in any hand as you level up the card this attribute increases like for instance your card has a multiplier of 2 you can only use that card twice for each hand when you level it up the multiplier increases to 3 allowing you to now use it 3 times in each hand

the condition attribute is concept that allows you to modify cards and add bonuses which you can find or buy in the form of scrolls or books whatever anyways this attribute can be applied and removed to and from any card you want in order to increase its efficiency like for instance you will find conditions like attack boost when wisdom is over X or attack boost when strength is lower then X ect ect ect as you can imagine there will be tons of conditions you can experiment with

and thats the basic idea of the original concept and the new one i designed

now on to DLC and other game products that can be developed to help build out the franchise

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09-21-2009, 05:36 AM
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last but certaintly not least......

Last but certainly not least is building out and expanding the franchise.......

I understand that the whole experience of moving from point A to point B on the world map simply by tapping and fast traveling and of course navigating towns and dungeons ect in a sort of simple watered down top down Myst like kinda way may sound somewhat limited at first but with a lot of attention to detail here there would still be tons of stuff to explore and i personally believe that it could very well fulfill and claim to deliver the first true MMORPG experience on the iphone without the need for cloud based gaming but i wouldn't stop there tho....

The first thing i would work on is ensuring there is a solid team capable of pushing out DLC like no tomorrow new towns and dungeons more content and treasures new more powerful monsters and bandits that can be pushed out in real time to each location without an update all you have to do is connect to it...which would be a tremendous technical achievement in itself

the second thing of course would be either an entirely different game and a separate listing on the app store with the same art style same IP and not to mention each game shares data so all of your experience, cash, treasure ect will sync and transfer from game to game or it could be what the "training mode" evolves into down the line.

like i know the gamers will no doubt wish that they could walk around in third person or at least FF7 pre-rendered background style so fulfilling that experience should be what the second iteration of the game focuses on first and foremost or it should be what the "traning mode" becomes and evolves into on the second iteration of the game or however you want to play this it really doesn't matter just as long as it happens

each game or episode should have a solid 6-7 hrs of story driven content and tact on another 5 more for collecting medals and trading them in for treasure, doing side quests ect

if you go with a scifi IP the whole concept behind this game could be nothing more then a futuristic virtual reality training program or a new planet or mission that needs to be explored

if you go with anything else it could be a collection of fictional stories and myths told from the future by your character who is now really super old and has a lot of grandkids who love hearing your characters stories of the past which will be the stories you play that dont actually have to be true and keep in mind you can of course create a new character in either game and still transfer the game data back and forth seamlessly

so then you got a really hardcore compelling single player immersive JRPG experience leveraging one of the action packed systems i designed above

and then when the gamer has a connection they and some free time they can just log into the online RPG game and experience a very social community driven RPG experience

and thats a wrap

anyways i would love to hear what you guys think, i know its a LOT of text to read thru but trust me i really do read and appreciate all of the feedback and comments from you guys and to be completely honest the TA community forums is most definitely the best forum i have ever had the opportunity of being a part of that actually welcomes my blasting out insane bursts of ambitious and innovative creativity and for that i just gotta give all of you props you guys are really awesome i plan on sticking around for a while

P.S -- your more then welcome to use my ideas, tweak them change them improve them and do what ever you want with them repost them as your ideas i really dont care and actually i would prefer that you share them. i can honestly say i didn't hold anything back this time i left no feature or no ace up my sleeve a mystery since i prefer to share my creativity and i expect nothing in return if i notice similarities in games that is all that matters to me the feeling or the illusion that i in some way have had an impact that is the greatest feeling ever, this is also basically just an exercise for me and while i do have a decent temporary intern job at the moment i would very much love to learn the ropes of how to be a game developer or better yet a producer it would most definitely be a dream come true

thx for your time