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AlienZ!: mobile stealth game

06-14-2015, 08:59 PM
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Alien Xscape: Cartoony Stealth Game (testers needed)

(name has been changed to Alien Xscape)

Gameplay Trailer from Beta Version:

Youtube: video

This time has come for me to finally share some info about my new game. The App store has been flooded with countless endless runners but this... is endless stealth.

Story: Can You Escape Area 51?

Deep underground in the basement of Area 51 lies the largest alien prison on planet earth. Aliens from all over the galaxy who were unlucky enough to crash their UFO on earth are kept in captivity and put through painful test. During the day, the prison is guarded by high ranking military solders but at night, security is handled by ruthless Robot Guards.

For years these aliens have dreamed of escaping and now their chance has come!

Gameplay: At the heart, Alien Xscape is a simple top down stealth game with an upbeat feel and fun cartoony graphics. The gameplay was inspired by the Gameboy Color version of Metal Gear Solid, which was one of my favorite games as a kid. The main goal in the game is to simply get as far as possible without getting caught. Of course, that by itself would get a little dull after a while so luckily the game gets deeper.

- Aliens: There are several aliens in the game (planning for around 20 at launch with more to come in future updates depending on how the game does on the App Store). You can unlock new aliens buy purchasing them using orbs, which can be found as you sneak through the levels. Orbs can also be earned by watching an optional video ad.

- Special abilities: Each Alien has a special ability. Some abilities are offensive, such as the ability to spit fire at a robot guard which will cause him to short out and freeze for a few seconds. Other abilities are defensive, such as (my favorite) the ability to teleport. Each ability has between 3-10 seconds of "cool down" time before it can be used again. Also, most of the abilities make noise which will cause the robot guards to look your way so you really have to plan when and where to use these abilities.

- Robot Guards: The Robot Guards are the main enemy in the game. Each guard has a small route that they patrol and if they see you, its game over! The robots have a vision cone which should be familiar to anyone who has played a stealth game. The vision cone has 4 colors: White (Robot is going through patrol route), Yellow (Robot has heard a noise and will look in the direction that the noise came from), Red (Robot has found you!) and Blue (Robot has been hit by an offensive ability and is stunned for a few seconds). When you first start out, the robots will go through their patrols at a fairly slow and easy pace but as you gain more points, the robots will speed up significantly.

- Maps: There will be 14 maps at launch (might add more through updates). Each map is small and easy to learn and only takes around 5-45 seconds to complete. Your goal in every map is simply to get to the end without being caught. Each map has a different score value depending on size and difficulty. There are 2 kinds of maps: Stealth Focused and Puzzle Focused. The maps are randomly chosen to keep things fresh.

- Controls: To move, you simply tap in the direction you want the alien to move. To us a special power, you simply hold down your finger for a split second in the direction that you want the power to go. Simple and responsive.

Monetization: It is important to me that as many people as possible get to experience my games, therefore this game will be free. However, unlike most "free" games, this will not have any in app purchases. Instead, there will be an ad when you have a game over and an optional video ad that you can watch to get free orbs (the in game currency). I am also considering launching a "premium" version of the game which will have no Game Over ads and will come with a couple supped up exclusive aliens.

Screens: Here are a few screens of the current build (landscape mode). Thanks for looking!

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06-17-2015, 03:52 PM
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Development is getting further along. Please PM me if your interested in beta testing this game.

The beta build has:

- 8 Aliens to choose from (2 of which are unlocked from the start. I'm planning to add around 12 more before release)

- 12 maps (I'm planning to add another 2-3 before release. Also some maps may be edited before release)

- GameCenter leaderboards

- Frame rate counter (by default, Unity limits iOS devices to 30fps. I will experiment with unlocking the frame rate but for now 30fps will be the target).

- 2 Graphics modes (low graphics mode turns off reflections and light flares)
I'm looking to get around 10 or so testers. The game has been tested on iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2 so far. I am very interested to see how it runs on iPhone 4S, iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

Known Issues in beta:

1. Glitch when you change orientations while the game is paused

2. Some UI elements are out of place on iPad

3. Occasional slow down in some areas (drops down to 24fps. This is not an issue for A8 devices)

4. Some text and images do not look sharp enough on iPad (I'm fixing this issue right now)

Twitter: @lostcitygamez

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06-17-2015, 08:01 PM
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