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App description: This is a world abused and attacked by walking dead and the former peaceful and ease life is completely destroyed. However, a group of people is still making a living persistently. Yes, it is you!

Though you have built shelter together with your companions, you are still miserable and gloomy as a leader. The days without being offered with supplies are just like counting down of death. So, for survival and looking for more survivors, you must take your survival team to search for all usable resources constantly.

Be sure to remember: you need to guard against not only walking dead, but also on the advancing path.

Unique features of the game:
In sewer, prison and research institute more than ten murderous pseudonatural creatures run wild in every corner of the city.
Select and build your dare-to-die corps among numerous clearly defined heroes and make efforts together to win each battle.
One mans hero or group hero? Players can switch battle model freely to face challenges.
With free and variable development system, customize your own super hero.
With a lot ofteam buffs, enhance the abilities of members in each battle team.
Wonderful and colorful skill systems will double your ability in battle and winning with a single action is not a myth any longer.


TRINITIgames's comments:
Arm your squad! Fight to survive in this world of zombies!

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Video Gameplay

Video Trailer

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06-16-2015, 03:13 AM
hi thanks for the post binlabu, but you cant post an official trailer from your channel that belongs to the developer. you only allowed to post the official trailer by posting the link from their official channel.

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Thanks redribbon ! i only want to change thumbnail of official video because it not interesting ... Now i updated official video

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Awesome find. Lvl 9 grinding now
06-16-2015, 11:23 AM
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Nice. I've always liked these Call of Mini games.
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Fun game