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App description: Immerse yourself in an epic tower defense game set in a beautiful and dangerous new world.

EPIC 3D FANTASY WORLD Visuals made possible by the unmatched power of Unreal Engine 4!
CAMPAIGN THROUGH THE STORM Face more than 150 waves of enemies across 24 levels!
CHALLENGING ENEMY TYPES Challenge yourself by defeating over 50 different kinds of enemies!
UPGRADE YOUR DEFENSE Unlock 4 unique towers with a total of 44 upgrades to perfect your strategy!
SELECT YOUR WARDEN Lead the charge with a unique collection of 10 upgradable heroes and abilities!
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN SOUND Enhance your gaming experience with quality audio including an original sound track!
ARM YOURSELF Purchase powerful items from the in-game store to gain an advantage!

empirestudios's comments:
We're very pleased to announce our first game developed using Unreal Engine 4 on Mobile (Android, and iOS coming soon).

About Guardians of Valor

Empire Studios’ first release is entitled Guardians of Valor, a mobile tower defense game spanning twenty-four levels with four chapters and several different themes. The inspiration for the fantasy setting came from ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia, the region surrounding the team’s home country of Bahrain. Guardians of Valor centers around Djinn, who in Arabian lore are a race of supernaturally empowered beings with the ability to intervene in the affairs of people. The story tells of an ancient Djinn Lord who is attempting to come back to the world of Aravia after several millennia, in a time where his legend has long been forgotten. The game begins with Djinn driving local people mad and forcing them to attack each other until legions of current-day Djinn break into this world and try to claim it. Players can choose from ten heroes to lead them through the campaign to stop the ancient Djinn evil from coming to pass. Guardians of Valor runs on Unreal Engine 4, includes a leveling system and player progression, an original OST, a store for special items to help you along your campaign and will be free to download.

Key Features

Epic 3D Fantasy World with visuals made possible by the unmatched power of Unreal Engine 4
Original and captivating story line inspired by the ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia
More than 150 waves of enemies across twenty-four levels
Over 50 different kinds of enemies
Four unique towers with a total of 44 upgrades to perfect your strategy
A unique collection of 10 upgradable heroes and abilities
Original soundtrack
In-game store to purchase powerful items to gain an advantage over enemies

Download the FREE game now on Google Play.

You can also find our trailer for the game in the following link to our YouTube channel.

Game Trailer:


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06-17-2015, 12:16 AM
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Video Gameplay

Video Trailer
06-17-2015, 10:52 AM
Joined: May 2011
Location: Seattle
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Excellent! Tower Defense + Unreal Engine = can't wait for the iOS release!
07-01-2015, 11:44 PM
Joined: Dec 2009
Location: Iowa
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Scary black Santa is scary.
07-02-2015, 03:39 PM

Just released on appstore. Solid gameplay. Neat graphics. Kind of dungeon defenders in a more serious and epic vive. Not sure about the freemium elements weight though. Need to play more to find out if you can make it out whith none or little iaps
07-06-2015, 12:08 PM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 21
This is a really interesting game! However, the devs need to look into a couple issues! It's so graphically intense that some heroes freeze or crash the app when you use their special abilities! This happened to me on ipad air!!
Also the loading time is waaay too much.