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App description: 'Kitten Ball Prince' is an Action puzzle game that is full of thrill and that can be enjoyed by everyone.
However, it is difficult to achieve the perfect score.
Each time the game is over, the player is rewarded. You can collect the Golds and purchase a powerful item.
You can also complete a wonderful character collection. Now, shall we start our adventure with the cute cat prince?
Wish you good luck!

Prince Nabi turns down Green Witchs proposal of marriage and she puts a curse on him and turns him into a cat and his noted sword into a kitten ball.
The Green Witch tells the prince that if the prince can marry the princess of any country in the shape of a cat she will remove her curse on him. And then the Green Witch disappears.
The prince promises to himself that he will try hard and eventually win the heart of the princess no matter what the cost may be and then recover his original self as a prince.
The prince leaves for an adventure touring many countries.
The prince arrives at the castle of the first kingdom, but gets an ominous feeling.

Save the princess from the monsters that have kidnapped her.
- Ninety different stages that are unique and thrilling.
- Cute characters each with a distinct individuality.
- A wide variety of special items.
- Special reward after each stage clear.

Hurry! Off you go for the castle where the princess is detained!
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Video Gameplay

Everyone is a friend
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Gameplay don't fit full screen. Such a shame