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TapTap Jam - A fast, frenzy challenging game

06-27-2015, 10:23 PM
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TapTap Jam - A fast, frenzy challenging game

Two friends and me just released the game TapTap Jam for Android.

The game is a fast touch coordination challenge on wich the player has to remove some cars from the streets to reduce the traffic:

In a big city the mayor asked the Aliens to help him to solve the traffic jam problems.
So the aliens decided to shrink some cars to reduce the jam. They put some lasers siding the lanes showing the colors of the cars that you have to shrink.

You must remove the correct cars from the tracks. As you remove the cars from the streets, the speeds of the cars are increased, making the game even more challenging.

There are three kinds of special cars to help you:

- An ambulance that allows you to recover the life points you eventually lost due some mistakes;
- A bomb car that explodes all correct cars running in the same direction of this bomb car;
- The IceCream truck that freezes the streets for a moment, reducing the speed of all cars.

And three game modes:

- Arcade - the regular adictive gameplay;
- Zen - a Time Trial mode on wich the player have to catch as much cars as possible;
- Frenzy - similar to the Arcade, but with some difficulty points (just try it).
We had good feedback from the players until now, and some complaints about the "Frenzy Mode" (we really dont know why ).

We would be very proud to receive some feedback from you for our game.

In the next month the iOS version will be released.

The link follows: TapTap Jam on Google Play Store


Felipe Stanzani
BurningMinds Games

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07-11-2015, 08:28 PM
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The official website is alive at http://www.burningminds.com.br

We are just waiting for Apple authorization for release the game for iOS - the game became even beautiful in the iPad screen.