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Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer (UE4/Unity) - [All Genres]

06-28-2015, 09:57 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
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Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer (UE4/Unity) - [All Genres]

Hi my nameís Adam, I do music, sound design and implementation for video games. Iím adept at game engines like Unreal and Unity. Iím also able to use audio middleware programmes like fmod and wwise to make the audio dynamic/interactive and really sound great. I love to work in different styles/genres and have done plenty of previous projects for film and games. I'm able to work in tight deadlines as well.

But enough of the small talk. Letís work on a project together!

My portfolio can be found here at www.gambitaudio.com. Contact me with project info for rates, as they are dependent on the project. My email is info@gambitaudio.com.


10-15-2015, 04:44 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
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Hi guys,

I hate to reply to my own post in such a way but it seems to be an unnecessary evil to get noticed at times...

Anyway, I would like to just reiterate the point that I would love to do more projects with people on this site. Projects so far have been great and I've also worked on a few games on the Steam marketplace as well as these projects.

So let me know if you're looking for some awesome music and/or sound effects for your game!!