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App description: Just in time for fire season. Wildfire hero is a brand new type of casual game! Mixing puzzle, strategy, and arcade gameplay! 10 Fun, fast paced, addicting levels!

Win each level by using your helicopter to put the forest fire out. Drop water or strategically place water barrels to prevent the fire from spreading. Fly over the fuel truck to fill up on gas.

Try not to:
-Get hit by a crow.
-let the little guy catch fire and burns down the house.
-let the fire reach the house.
-Or run out of fuel.

Hope you enjoy it!
trailer : https://youtu.be/OONnd7WliLM

Art/Scripting Chad Doriguzzi
Music: Marek Vymazal


nuclearhipster's comments:
Wildfire hero i out today!
here's the link to my game! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wildfire-hero/id1010952567?ls=1&mt=8
In Wildfire Hero You play as a rescue helicopter. Your goal Is to extinguish the forest fire created from a lighting strike. There’s 4 ways you can lose the level. The fire reaches the house. You run out of fuel. The man catches fire and burns down his house, or a crow hits your propeller. You can refill your gas by hovering over the fuel truck. There’s two ways to fight the fire. First is to drop water on the fire, or use a water barrel to strategically place in the line of the fire. It works like a water land mine!

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To celebrate the release of wildfire hero we are having a contest!

download game here: