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App description: Command your forces to defend the universe! Powerful aliens, the "Bugmon", are invading Earth. Rumors run rampant that theyve smashed the largest armies in the globe and the world is on edge. This fight wont be won with regular soldiers. Only your animal heroes have the guts to stand up to this enemy. As a ship hovers over your city, prepare to defend your base. Select your units, build your defensive squad, and get in formation to protect the future of the planet. Theyre coming for you, and its time to send them back to space.

Bugmon Defense is the first defense game to support PvP and movement control. Build your team using powerful heroes like the rapid gunner, Ro-ckaat, and the impenetrable shield, Toughtle. Upgrade them, improve their skills, make them even more deadly. These heroes will eliminate the Bugmon and protect your base, so deploy them wisely. You arent alone in this fight either. Ally with players from around the world to get help from their units, or battle other players and plunder their resources. Each mission completed will bring more knowledge about the Bugmon race. The knowledge you obtain will provide you with countless Bugmon tactics and DNA to spawn your own Bugmon troops. When they see their own turn on them, theyll never know what hit em.

With new ways to defend and more ways to play, Bugmon Defense will steal hours from your day. A network connection is required to play, and although the game is free to download and play, you can purchase in-game items with real money. Please note that you must be at least 13 years old to play or download the game under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Conquering the Bugmon army is not childs play. It wont be easy. Build your squad with cunning strategy and skill, and you just might save the world.

Research the DNA of Bugmon with knowledge acquired from missions and spawn your own Bugmon armies.
Discover your favorite raiding troops from countless combinations of Bugmon units.
Battle with players worldwide and plunder their resources.
Make friends with other players to bring their units into your missions.

Supports PvP and Movement Control
Choose From Defense and PvP Modes
432 Challenging Stages to Beat!
Make Allies or Battle and Plunder Other Players
Play in HD! 2D Animated Graphics and Characters
Amazing Movie Quality Sound Effects and Music
Buy Upgrades to Improve Squads

Wiki: http://bugmon.wikia.com/
Forum: http://bugmon.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Forum
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BugmonDefense

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