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Nosferatu 2 - Run from the Sun [smuttlewerk interactive]

07-07-2015, 05:50 AM
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Nosferatu 2 - Run from the Sun [smuttlewerk interactive]

Hello fellow gamers,

I'm Martin, chieftain and one of the founders of smuttlewerk interactive. We started our company in 2010 and against all odds, we're still alive!

The Game:
Nosferatu is a 2D free-to-play endless-runner with RPG elements for mobile devices.


- Fair Free-to-Play
- Facebook friendlist (optional)
- Worldwide and country-specific leaderboards
- Mad Skunks and malicious Garlians
- Worldmap showing player and friend progress
- 40+ unique pets to summon
- Regular events featuring the archvillain Dr. Doctor
- Our four heroes: Nosferatu, Lycor, Red Rachel und Mary Medusa
- Their mounts: Gargoyle, Black Pegasus, Chimera and Silver Dragon








Nosferatu 2 - Run from the Sun will be released on July 29th on Google Play and the App Store.

TL/DR: after many ups and downs we finally release our game well polished and do all the PR stuff etc. ourselves, just like in the good old times, haha!

As you can guess from the title, the game is part 2 of our up to this point most successful game "Nosferatu - Run from the Sun". The first one went live in February 2012 as a 0,99$ game. We got a small feature from Apple and sold about 2000 copies in the first few days - basically nothing, if you have to pay 5 guys. After 2 weeks I decided that we go free with the game, just to get a understanding of what would happen. 1 Week and 300.000+ downloads later we understood, that you have a far greater reach if you go free with your game.

We knew nothing of Free2Play back then, never had ad-networks in our games - hell, I didn't even understand the basics like DAU, MAU, Retention etc. etc.. Anyway, we got a letter of intent with one of the big guys from the gaming industry here in Germany, because frankly, we thought (and he promised) he would make the game a monetary success and teach us the necessary basics to do so. It still painful to remember, but this guy used our game as a test for his own upcoming games and didn't sign any other agreement with us after that. That did cost us 3 month of work and we nearly ended up going out of business because of that mofo. Lesson learned. Not all people suck though and we managed to get some other help and Nosferatu financed our studio until June 2013. Up until now the game has been downloaded about 5 million times, with very good reviews mostly.

In June 2013 we again nearly went out of business and had to let two of our guys go - this time it was solely our fault, because we lost focus and made some other mistakes. In the last moment we found a partner who would finance the development of "Nosferatu 2 - Run from the Sun". And so we started and first launched the game in April 2014 in Spain. Although the game was ok, there was still much work to do, since the game is rather huge for an endless-runner and we were (and are) only 3 guys on the project. Nonetheless, what really went wrong was the PR work and everything that had to do with marketing. I won't go into details, but let me assure you, I learned more than one lesson during this whole process.

In February we decided to pull the game out of the stores and relaunch it. We had about 30-50 downloads per day - too few to generate any meaningful income. The players who did actually play the game liked it and we got many a good feedback. Since we use a server backend, our old players will get a gift, once they downloads the "new" game - all of their stats etc. are kept intact. Thus far nobody has complained about how we monetize. There are several IAPs, the highest at $19,99. If you buy either one of the IAP packages, all ads will be disabled forever. Like always in our games, you get the full experience whether you buy something or not. We invested even more time in making the game better and this time our partners and us made an actual PR plan. All that is left to say now is: Go, Nosferatu, go!

Nosferatu as a character is known as one of the darkest and most evil vampires to ever enter movie-theaters and books. When we first choose him for our game, we worried that if we did the "real" Nosferatu, we wouldn't have many players. So we asked ourselves: what if Nosferatu actually is the good guy and everyone just has a wrong perception of him? We liked the idea and thus our own Nosferatu, the good one, was born.

07-11-2015, 10:24 AM
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Coooool, wait this runner

07-11-2015, 01:27 PM
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Looks cool, little bit childish, not sure about this one, any videos previews ?
07-12-2015, 04:02 PM
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07-13-2015, 09:24 AM
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hey shrinkish!

glad you like the look. about the childish thing: this is a game for the whole family, so we decided not too make Nosferatu the freaking evil guy he is in movies etc. (don't get me wrong, I like the evil Nosferatu quite alot ). anyway, the gameplay isn't childish, just check it out once its out.
07-26-2015, 04:51 AM
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the video posted above wasn't 100% perfect, so here's the "real" thing :

07-29-2015, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by smuttlegiaco View Post
the video posted above wasn't 100% perfect, so here's the "real" thing :

YouTube: video

OUT https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nosferatu-2-run-from-the-sun/id1003739855?ls=1&mt=8