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Poppy Birds simple exterior hides a compelling depth that will keep you coming back for more.

Poppy Birds will have you hooked from your very first POP!


- SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN across 140 challenging levels
- ADORABLE, fun and thoughtful design
- PLAY at your own pace (no clock)
- PLAY on your Apple Watch or your iPhone
- Internet connection NOT required.
- NO in-app purchases

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Game design by Manny Vega
07-07-2015, 05:40 PM
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Poppy Birds is not what you think it is

Hurry and get Poppy Birds at the Launch Day Promo price of $.99

The challenges of designing a game specifically for the Apple Watch demanded that Poppy Birds be something new, something different. We designed the game around the Apple Watch’s unique screen and interface, and came up with a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. The game feels familiar and you will quickly realize that, despite the small screen, we have packed way more challenge into this 4x4 grid of avians than in all the candies you have ever crushed.

Poppy Birds is a charming and clever puzzle game that challenges you to match shapes by turning & tapping adorable birds until they POP! The concept is simple: just pop a group of brightly colored birds and hop them around until you have matched the colorful shape for each level. Even the most perplexing puzzles can be solved with some forethought and a little patience, but all the stars are reserved for those who use the fewest moves to succeed.

Poppy Birds is the game the Apple Watch has been waiting for and the puzzle game we all deserve. Whether you’re looking to kill time for a few minutes or a few hours, Poppy Birds takes all the fun and challenge of the greatest puzzle games and straps them to your wrist.

Don’t be fooled by their cute little tail feathers, these birds will have you hooked from the very first POP!

Poppy Birds Features:

- Over 120 pleasant puzzles to solve
- Challenge yourself to be Perfect
- Solve puzzles in the least amount of moves
- "EGG Bonus Challenges" keep you on your toes
- New challenges & levels updated regularly
- A unique & pleasant puzzle game for all ages

So simple you'll feel clever, so clever you'll feel simple.


Check out our website - www.poppybirds.com

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Poppy Birds

Friendly App Studio
Genres: Games Entertainment Puzzle
$0.99 USD

Developed by Friendly App Studios LLC

Created by Manny Vega (that's a me!)

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