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  • Publisher: PBJ Studios
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 16.5 MB
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Germ Warfare is a top-down survival game for the iPhone and iPod touch. You take on the role of a solitary white blood cell in a fight for survival against the germ hordes. You must defend yourself, and protect your host body at all costs against the microbe invasion.

Don't judge it based on just the screenshots! Here are what some early reviewers at toucharcade.com are saying:

"don't let the screenshot fool ya. This is a very in depth game with plenty of options and power ups and even in-game achievements. Game-play is smooth and controls are excellent due to the calibration tool." - jasonsmith

"Based on the screenshots... I wasn't at all expecting how enjoyable and polished this game is. The gameplay is similar to the very popular falsh game Amorphous+. Don't let the cell-shaded, hand-drawn appearance fool you. this game is very professional. And very enjoyable." - Igoo

You can also check out a video of the gameplay at


- Use the accelerometer to move around your white blood cell. A quick tap of your finger anywhere on the screen will launch your swipe attack.

- Fight against 11 different types of germ invaders, all of which have different forms of attack and defense, ranging from launching spitwads of microbial goo,to vicious spinning cytoplasmic blades, to bio-chemical explosives. Who knew the little germs could pack such a punch!

- Collect over 70 in-game achievements

- 3 different game modes; invasion mode has you fighting of wave after wave of germ of increasing difficulty, see how long you can survive in freeplay mode as the germ onslaught gets more and more difficult as time goes one, and perfect your germ elimination skills in practice mode where you choose the germs you want to face off against.

- Collect in-game powerups that are randomly dropped from the germ horde.

- Compete in the online leaderboard which tracks your mad germ warfare skillz against the rest of the world. The leaderboard tracks many different statistics; if you're not leading the top invasion mode scores, you could instead aim a little lower and shoot for the "times player killed" stat!

tjbuick's comments:
Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all know that version 1.1 of Germ Warfare is available for download for your iphone or ipod touch. Check out the youtube gameplay video to see how the game really plays! It's alot like the great online game Amorphous+

I'll be giving away a bunch of promo codes here in a little while, so keep on the lookout.

Youtube link | Pop Up

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I have 10 more promo codes available for the first 10 people to reply to this thread.

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May I have a promo code please?
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me please
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I'd like a promo code please!
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I'd like a code, i'll in turn post a review of what I think.

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I'd like a promo code thanks!

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I'd like to try the game!
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