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App description: Swordpath is an exciting endless battle game that you can learn in seconds but will keep you entertained for days!

You control Glitch, our pink-haired heroine, as she relentlessly battles the drone empire of a futuristic metropolis. Every slash of your sword sends you flying across the skyline through hordes of attacking drones. But watch out! Each drone will aim dangerous lasers at Glitch, and it's your job to dodge and time your attacks to knock as many drones down at once. Create attack combos by drawing a single path to eliminate enemies, and you could regain health or perform an even larger finishing attack!

Take heed: Some drones are stronger than others. While many will merely shoot a straight laser and explode after one slash of your sword, others emit a devastating laser ring or require more slices to be killed. Some may even help you defeat the other drones! Swipe your way higher and higher to see how far you can get!

Swordpath features innovative and intuitive controls. Glitch follows the trail you leave with your finger, letting you line up a nice attack and watch the results of your path of destruction. It's a delicious blend of smooth combat and eye-popping visuals created by a team of passionate game makers at Tag Creative.

Collect credits as they fall from the sky and use them to unlock Glitch's friends!

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Send them our way to swordpath@tagcreativestudio.com. We'd love to hear from you!

Download Swordpath now and begin slashing your way to victory! Thanks for playing!

SuperFletcher64's comments:
This is our teams FIRST mobile release so we're super excited to see it hit the app store!!

This actually started as a game Jam project. We thought the concept was pretty cool so we spent a month or so polishing it into a real game!
Let us know if you enjoy it!

07-08-2015, 05:52 PM
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appinfo doesn't seem to to be there...

Sorry about that
Here are some screenshots and a link.

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