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App description: Super Death Fortress

The great pixel wars devastated many a soldier. It was pixel against pixel as helmets flew, mortars were dropped, bombers were called in and adorably red, pixellated blood splattered everywhere.

It was such fun!

Join in Super Death Fortress and defend your fort of choice against wave after wave of snipers, soldiers and grenadiers, utilising your weapons strategically and efficiently as you blast wave after wave of enemies into a pixellated hell!

Super Death Fortress is a FREE TO PLAY endless artillery shooter where youll earn coins, eviscerate enemy soldiers, upgrade your fort, blast apart enemy soldiers, unlock new levels, devastate enemy soldiers, purchase new forts and of course, annihilate enemy soldiers.

Join the cathartic fun! Its free to play, theres plenty of highly killable enemy soldiers and nothing quite relaxes you after Jim from accounting gave you a hard time more than war on the virtual pixel battlefield.


Super Death Fortress (www.superdeathfortress.com) is a game from Flat Earth Games (www.flatearthgames.com.au), creators of TownCraft (www.towncraftgame.com) and Metrocide (www.metrocide.com), a Sydney Australia-based studio run by brothers Rohan and Leigh Harris and a league of extraordinary developers.

comingTouch.com's comments:

07-17-2015, 04:24 PM
Joined: Jan 2015
Location: Liberty city
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This game rocks
07-17-2015, 05:03 PM
I like the game. I'd like to see a double coin Iap Instea of all the consumable non restorable Iap. It's a pretty fun game so far. It's going to take a long time to upgrade or unlock areas though.

07-17-2015, 09:47 PM
Found a major bug. I will attempt to email the devs and follow up here with responses.

I watched all the video ads to unlock stuff quicker. I must have viewed them all as when I tapped the button it would act like it's working and then stay on the screen. So I played a few rounds and a screen popped up and said this game is ad supported you can remove re ads for $1.99 or press continue to view the ad. So I pressed continue as I'm still not sold on the game and now I cannot do anything. No ads will load. Quitting out does nothing as soon as I open it the screen pops up.

So unless I pay I cannot play. Argh.


Edit- Support led me to their Facebook page. So I left them a message.

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07-18-2015, 05:09 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
Location: U.S.
Posts: 3,244
Haven't run into any bugs yet, but so far I'm really liking this game.
07-18-2015, 06:52 PM
It's finally reset. It must reset the video ad views every 24 hours. So game on until I see all the ads again lol


Edit- I made the purchase. The game really is fun. I love how all the corpses stay until they are blown up!

Last edited by LordShad0wz; 07-19-2015 at 07:20 AM.