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App description: Master your timing, reflexes, and fake-out skills to smack the ball past your opponent! Hit the ball fast to blow it by 'em, or hit it slow to fake them out. Compete against a friend on the same device, or against the computer in this fast, simple, color-bursting arcade game!

Good Ol' Local Multiplayer:
Play a friend, or at a party!
2 Players! 1 Human on each end of the same device
Sit at a table across from each other, or stand and hold the device

Super Challenging Single Player:
Compete against a trash-talking foam-fingered robot!?
Unlock achievements for each speed/difficulty.
Play One-Handed on your phone

Unique Gameplay:
Fast pinball mechanics
Simple ponglike structure
Retro feel and sound

"You will not be able to put it down" - 9/10 AppLobster.com
"hugely addictive and excellently enjoyable user experience" - 87% AppSymbol.com
"Some gamers may even feel like turning this form of table tennis into a mischievous little drinking game." - 4/5 StarringApps.com

About the Studio:
Matthew is a self taught dev who brings the challenge and aesthetics of old school games to new school platforms. If you like PinPong, consider purchasing the $0.99 'Nonexistent Ads Edition' and checking out my other games :D
07-17-2015, 09:40 PM
Drinking Game

Made this a drinking game with my buds. Lovin it, Great job man!
07-17-2015, 09:44 PM
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Lol, I was hoping people would find creative ways to use it. Thanks for the feedback!