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iPhone: Legend of the Green Dragon Mobile released - Free

09-23-2009, 07:26 AM
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Legend of the Green Dragon Mobile released - Free

Thiago E. Craveiro and Maarten Goldstein are happy to announce the
release of a free application that facilitates playing Legend of the
Green Dragon on the iPhone. It can be downloaded at:


Legend of the Green Dragon (aka LoGD or LotGD - see:
http://lotgd.net/) is an open-source web-based role-playing game
originally created by Eric Stevens and JT Traub. It is a remake of
Seth Able Robinson's text-based BBS role-playing game called Legend of
the Red Dragon.

When playing the LoGD game on the iPhone using Safari, a lot of
zooming and scrolling is necessary as the HTML pages are not optimized
for mobile devices and, hence, are too wide for the iPhone's screen,
even in widescreen mode.

The goal of the game is to slay the legendary Green Dragon that
terrorizes your town. The player can fight in the forest to gain
experience (with a limited number of forest fights per game day) and
then challenge the trainer in town to level up. After reaching a
certain level, the player is able to track down the infamous dragon
and - with the proper equipment, stats and some luck - he might even
be able to defeat it. Many servers also support a sophisticated clan
system and PvP combat.

With 30,000+ active players across many different custom servers in
many languages (Source: Registered server list on LotGD Net -
http://lotgd.net/ - click on "LoGD Net" and scroll down) and a very
ambitious modding community (the game server code is now maintained by
the DragonPrime Development group - http://www.dragonprime.net/), the
game is constantly evolving and improved. Next to additional game
modules extending the game world, user interface and functionality
there are many modders dedicated to creating total conversions,
changing the game setting to a Harry Potter or Wild West theme, for

In order to support as many of those custom games as possible, our app
parses the HTML pages and displays the main view while offering the
game actions and the stats page on request. This means the application
requires an internet connection and a character on one of the
supported game server. More information can be found on:

Thiago E. Craveiro & Maarten Goldstein
09-23-2009, 07:42 AM
It sounds cool~ I just checked it out from appstore

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09-23-2009, 07:36 PM
I tried this game about two years ago, and I really enjoyed it. I even went so far as to buy the membership or whatever for a year.

Then I got bored of it. I don't know if it's improved or not, but at the time, it was so difficult to figure out what my next step was supposed to be. It seemed every area was either way too easy, or way too difficult. The documentation was great up to a certain point, and then just seemed to fall off into limbo.

I wasted the price of a membership on it, but it was pretty fun to begin at least. It reminded me a lot of playing a MUD.