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iPhone: Atomic AL - The Hard-core Platform Game Experience

07-23-2015, 03:03 PM
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Atomic AL - The Hard-core Platform Game Experience

Hey everybody!

It's finally here! The moustache with the big attitude is rocking in onto mobile phones worldwide.

We are Gaffer Games - 2 developers from the United Kingdom and are extremely excited to introduce you to our new game, 'Atomic AL'!

Check out the site here: http://www.atomic-al.com/


The radioactive reactor cores are playing up, and only one man has the cojones to pull off jump-starting them back up. It's tough work but somebody has to do it. Meet AL. He's Atomic.

Atomic AL is an original arcade platform game. Players familiar with classic retro arcade games will relish the challenge to get stuck into some hardcore gameplay. The super simple controls makes Atomic AL appealing to new and old players looking for a taste of a proper platform game.


Over 95 power cores to reboot.
12 different jump suits to assemble.
Easy to learn, hard to master.
Innovative, original and exciting game-play.
An addictive, "one more go" game with tons of value.
A full console experience for your pocket.
Play in short bursts, or for hours.
Pulls no punches, if you've the skills, we have the bills.
Record and share amazing in game moments.
Full premium experience, NO ADS. NO IAP.
Hilarious sassy comments.


Atomic AL is set to launch at 06 / 08 / 2015 for 2.29 ($2.99) on the iTunes Store. An android build will also be released later. We would love to hear any questions, advice or feedback. If you can't think of something to ask, post us a big fat smiley face.

We have some early access keys. Shoot us an email


Check out the site here: http://www.atomic-al.com/

Cheers guys
07-23-2015, 07:54 PM
Thank you very much for the fast code.

When i saw the video, i immediately fell in love with the gameplay, right up my alley, i thought. Well, after the first few jumps i only can confirm this.
Plan ahead, memorize and/or react fast if you messed up. Fast and skilled finger-eye coordination is needed to reach the top. No iap to hold your hand in these around 10-20 seconds long levels (these are the speedrun times). Maybe they get a bit longer (?) but i'm only in Core 2 lv6.

The controls are very responsive, but i'm desperately in need of inverted controls = jump left / climb right. Could you implement this BEFORE release, please? I'm pretty sure that others might want it too.

In a game where you die a lot, a fast replay is very important. I'm glad to report a full success here. Very well done Devs!

My guess, the suits are only cosmetic, but cute...lol

Unfortunately, there seem to be no Gamecenter leaderboard or achievements. If i'm correct and personally seen, a bit of a big fail for a game like this. Implementing later as an update darkens the first impression, already.

Good luck on your release!
07-24-2015, 12:12 PM
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Glad your enjoying Atomic AL, and thanks a lot for the really great feedback.

We're working on a bunch of stuff to update asap. 9 new super hard levels, 2 extra control schemes (inverted and dynamic), and Gamecenter integration with achievements.

We massively appreciate the interest, and hope you have a blast playing through the rest of the game!

07-25-2015, 07:05 AM
I'm at Tutancore lv5 now, and i'm still not really used to the (unnatural) upwards sliding after a landing, though i perfected and collected all tasks and costume parts, so far.
I dare to foresee that some people will moan about this fact. A lot of my deaths came from this issue and they always felt a bit cheap. All in all, the last pixels are not on the players side. But you made it clear in your description that this is a hard game, and i'm still up to your challenge, no doubts from my side.

Another little nit-picking point is when i push any button, i expect to hear a clear and crisp "klick" as a feedback (my personel preference). Here, if existence, i hardly hear it, and inside the Core menu only with a unsynchronized delay.

Will there be a endless mode if you're game makes some dollars? That was my first big thought when i saw the video, destined to be an endless climber.

Edit: reached the third stage Quadcore 3-3 and some speedrun times seem very tough, but still fair and doable.

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07-29-2015, 12:03 AM
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A deceptively tricky level, far harder than it looks!

We still have promo codes if anyone else is up for a challenge

07-30-2015, 06:08 AM
Thanks for the video, i almost did it with your help. LoL, plus 50 deaths, so far.