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App description: Join the Force! Travel the Universe! Intercept empire spaceships and ravage them!

You are our last commander and you cannot fail!

-Use our artillery to remove empire capital ships and bases with heavy fire.
-Sneak around with our corsairs, setting us traps. Lure them into deadly minefield.
-Use your fighters as a Swiss knife on various situations.

You will be against legion of empire ships, use objects in space and special abilities wisely, to serve your people.
Be tricky as a black cat with one remaining life. Grab any opportunity to surpass your enemies. Be good, be evil, or whatever you like. There is only one rule: You have to be the last one standing.

You are Space Admiral Force, and you cannot fail.

Admiral Force Awakens is a turn based strategy game. Where your battlefront is space itself.

Choose your team and fight through various types of missions. Forge strategies to defeat enemies in space combat. Collect power ups around your missions to shift the balance of power in your favor.

If you are into a good space strategy. Just hop in and press the buy button!

Thanks for the free music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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