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Naval Battle: 17th century - Upcoming game

07-31-2015, 08:43 AM
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Naval Battle: 17th century - Upcoming game

Hi everyone!

Iím currently working on a turn-based strategy game, called Naval Battle: 17th century, it will be published on iphone and ipad.

Naval Battle is all about defeating your enemy fleet. Each ship can move and attack only once per round. After you moved, you can attack, if the opponent is in reach. Battles can be up to 8 vs 8.

Wave/whirls defense bonus
Active bonussen
Multiple Waves
4 Ship classes

Multiple waves:
Multiple waves is a level with more than one wave of enemy ships! Choose your ships wisely, after every wave your damaged ships will be fully repaired, but your ships that has been destroyed not!
The trick is to avoid that your ships are being destroyed!

Youíll find waves and whirls on the map. Thisíll give you a defense bonus to your ship, when your ship is on a grid, with a wave or whirl.

At level 6 youíll have bonuses you can activate for a extra boost. You can activate boneses for one turn, but special bonuses stay active for the whole round.

I made a little demo
Link: Dropbox demo

Let me know what you like or didnít like, any feedback is welcome.

Thanks for reading,

08-07-2015, 08:33 AM
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Here is our Game Trailer.

Youtube link | Pop Up