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Space Esc-APE (Save Monkeys and collect Nanners!)

08-01-2015, 01:42 PM
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Space Esc-APE (Save Monkeys and collect Nanners!)

Space Esc-APE is a fun, challenging game where you must avoid asteroids as you fall through space! Unlock all the 15 different monkeys with the nanners that you collect. It may be a challenging game but with some practice you can gain the skills to put yourself on the leaderboards!

It will be coming out on the App Store in about a week.
Check out the website http://www.space-esc-ape.com.

The first several people that send me an email at normdoow@yahoo.com , I can send a build of the game to! Hope you enjoy it!

The Developer,
Noah Bragg

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08-01-2015, 03:07 PM
Finally! A fleet of monkeys dexterously dodging asteroids as they fall through outer space. Ive been looking for more games that really utilize, in a pure yet entertaining way, the two elements which first established gaming as top notch fun: nimble dodging and perfect timing. this game seems to have BOTH factors. Yes Dev Noah, I want a game which beams obstacles at me at a fast pace (something "flappy bird" is lacking). Yes Dev Noah, I want to test my reaction and agility skills in a straightforward game that will reward me with a simple score.............. and more monkeys. Nice work and props to your dev team.