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PAC-MAN 256 (by Hipster Whale, 3 Sprockets & Bandai-Namco)

08-06-2015, 07:18 PM
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PAC-MAN 256 (by Hipster Whale, 3 Sprockets & Bandai-Namco)

Heya. Andy and I have been working on this game for a little while now along with 3 Sprockets and Bandai-Namco. The gameplay trailer is on the front page today, but I wanted to post this here in case you had any questions.

Yes, the game supports MFi controllers.
No, we cannot announce the release date yet. But it is very soon!
08-06-2015, 07:22 PM
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I can't wait to play this! Is this going to be f2p?

08-06-2015, 07:31 PM
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The trailer looks great. I've been almost Pac-man'ed to death in my life but this looks really fresh.

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08-06-2015, 08:08 PM
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Wow, out of nowhere comes this. Looks pretty darn cool. Any idea on a release date?
08-07-2015, 05:11 AM
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Am i the only one wanting pacman to look round like a ball instead of a circle like a coin?
08-07-2015, 10:05 AM
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Looks fun.

The perspective is interesting, though I'd love an 8-bit mode that looked like a scrolling arcade screen.

Originally Posted by NickFalk View Post

Worst idea ever!
08-07-2015, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
Am i the only one wanting pacman to look round like a ball instead of a circle like a coin?
Initially I had the same thought, but when it comes down to it, I just want to play 256 right now! I've watched the trailer at least 5 times in the last 24 hours. I never do that. I wonder if "soon" means this month?

Edit: Also, the remake/remix of the introduction song is slowdown awesome!
Edit 2: Make that 7 times...

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08-07-2015, 05:19 PM
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Yeah im pretty amped for this too.

I like Quest Keeper over Crossy Road (and I do love both!) so Quest Keeper-esque with a more collect-them-dots-and-powerups Pacman-style objective in an endless angle is definitely something i would love to spend hours on.

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08-07-2015, 09:28 PM
I want this game right now! Come on Hipster whale release the beast!

08-08-2015, 08:43 AM
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Looks brilliant!! The upcoming games section is killing me today.

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