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App description: Space Jukes is a retro Space shooter with a twist. Well, a big twist, no shooting and a massive asteroids storm puts your evasion skills to the test. Juke(dodge) the storm of asteroids and compete against friends for top scores. Easy gameplay, move anywhere on the screen to move your ship in the same direction. Can you survive the storm?

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KennaG7's comments:
Simple, Fast, and FREE

Space Jukes is a space shooter with a twist, well a big twist, you can't shoot and a huge wave of asteroids is coming your way to test your ability to juke and dodge!

Take pride in hitting those high scores above 100 but not all will be able to be on top of their friends in the top times list.

Touch/Pan anywhere on the screen to move you spaceship in that very same direction.

Youtube link | Pop Up

How long can you survive the STORM !?

I am the developer of this game, here is the apple store link:
08-08-2015, 09:22 AM

Please add an iap to remove all of the forced ads. Not only do you have constant ads running non stop across the top of the screen even while playing but after a game you have the banner ad and then a full screen ad pops up with it advertising a totally different game from the banner.

It's too much. You actually have a decent game. But without a way to remove all those forced ads I have no desire to even play again.

Also when I clicked Facebook login and then decided not to the app froze and locked up and I couldn't go back to the main screen. I had to force close it.

I'm just giving you honest feedback. I want to pay you. Please add an Iap to remove the ads with a restorable purchase. You should add Gamecenter as well. More people will play if you do the above requests.

08-08-2015, 10:30 AM
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Agreed with the ads. The game itself is pretty decent (though lacking polish) but the ads are so intrusive that I have absolutely zero desire to play it again. I realize you need to monetize it somehow, but this isn't the way. You are gonna lose revenue because people just aren't going to want to play it.