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App description: Sky Force: Fighter Combat is one of the best air combat shooting games that everyone can enjoy! A modern arcade game with intense action and vibrant graphics. Control your fighter through tons of enemies air force in the dogfights.
Fire up your spaceship and starting killing. Now, try to become a Sky Hero of Space, increase your ranking to challenge your friends in the leaderboard.
You can get crystals by fighting against enemy spacecrafts, and use them to upgrade your fighters.
There are 6 spaceships to select, then upgrade it to boost your fire-power to attack enemy aeroplanes.


* Many Spaceships and Weapons to upgrade:
- Military spacecraft equipped a large variety of weapons.
- Lazer spaceship with lazer lock multiple Targets and Dead ray which activates when the ship does not move.
- Flying fighter has the ability discharge at close range.
- Advanced spaceship with sound weapon which has area of effect.
- Ultra spacecraft equipped plasma canon with high fire-power.
- Super phoenix fighter designed compact but extremely solid with high fire-power.

* Procedurally Generated Content:
The procedural content generator can create thousands of enemy variations. Combined with the adaptive AI.

* Ranking:
-Shoot'em up with full weapon, get high score and challenge your friends.
-Facebook integration

* Buy items and get free crystal easily:
-Buy item to get power-ups, extra-lives, HP... to be stronger.
-Get crystals to buy items.

08-08-2015, 02:53 PM
The game is fun.

To the dev just one request, for the love of all that's sacred please dump Tapjoy as your ad network/rewards network. There are other, better ways and services. Please!