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App description: Make words (3 letters or more) to create platforms so the runner guy can get to the other side! Make the words fast enough or he'll fall to his doom!

Some Quick Playing Tips

- If you don't like the letters, use the Swap Tiles button at the top of the screen to get new ones.
- Once you have created enough platforms for the runner to get to the other side, you can keep making words to bump up your score.
- When the runner lands on the last platform you'll be warned. Make a word fast or use one of your swap tokens to get new letters *and* two extra platforms to give you some breathing room.
- The runner gets faster at level 5 and again at level 10. Because, challenge.

J. A. Whye's comments:
The iOS version of my new game is now available.

An Endless Runner And A Word Game Had A Baby...



08-11-2015, 01:34 PM
Joined: Dec 2013
Location: United States
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I downloaded/installed the game.
I really enjoy word games. The concept of a word-runner hybrid sounded fascinating.

The game is cute and fun. Watching video ads for extra swap tokens seemed very reasonable to me.

I felt like there needed to be more randomization among the letters.
Overall, good word game.

I have only one suggestion. During play time, maybe the music should be a little faster. I feel like; for a game that requires speed, the music is too relaxing.

Good luck!
08-11-2015, 06:57 PM
Joined: Sep 2010
Location: Alaska
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Thanks for playing the game, Lavender.

The first three levels use "letter sets" that are known to have many possible smaller words. After you reach Level 4 all letters are randomized afterwards (even Levels 1-3). The letters are chosen this way:

- Two random vowels
- Five random letters from a list (including vowels) that's weighted to show fewer "hard" letters.

I kind of expected that I'll need to continue tweaking the letter picking algorithm, so your comment makes me think I'll do that sooner rather than later.

I was going for an "intense" feel for the music, but I can see where a faster tempo might be better at inciting panic. I've also been thinking of adding "skins" as optional IAP that would give you different look *and* audio for each one.

Thanks for your feedback!