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App description: Marble Rush is an addictive, fun, challenging solitaire puzzle game that will work your brain in ways it has never worked before!

The object of the game is simple: leave one marble remaining on the red space before time runs out. The same concept as the classic peg solitaire game except with a twist, you have to beat the clock and rush to get the level completed. With every level different, the game is easy to play but hard to master.

Marbles are removed one at a time by jumping another marble either vertically or diagonally to an empty space. Each round is completed when the last marble remaining is on the red space. If time runs out before this is accomplished, then the game is over. If you complete the round before time runs out, you are rewarded with points and a new level. If you complete the round without having to undo any of your moves, you are rewarded with bonus points! Sounds easy, doesnt it? It isat first. Each level gets a little bit harder, making you think a little bit more, and move a little bit faster.


* Hundreds of Levels
* High Score Table
* How to Solve
* Sounds On/Off
* Practice Mode

Marble Rush is a fun brainteaser arcade puzzle game sure to keep you entertained!
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Ah man, this has nothing to do with marbles!

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