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App description: "Forget the Brakes, remember the fun" - IndieGames.com
"Forget the Brakes is [..] a brilliant, frustrating, addictive mess." - Pocketgamer.co.uk

Forget the Brakes! is a game about driving a train without brakes by multi-track drifting!

Through procedurally generated railway-puzzles, you will have to avoid crashing in order to unlock faster trains by driving both the font boogie and the rear boogie of your train!

There are no brakes, so you better choose wisely which rail to switch to!

You can try the game online at http://ForgetTheBrak.es
If you enjoy it, remember to come back and get it for your mobile device!

A game by Moss Of The Time @MossOfTheTime

fonserbc's comments:

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce that the game I've been working now for a while has been released for IOS!

We are a small team of 2, and we have been working on our free time for about a year now.

We'll be Multi-track drifting!

Forget The Brakes! is a game about driving a train without brakes, by multi-track drifting, that is by controlling both the front and rear boogie of the train!

It is a procedural runner and it become infinite after you reach a certain point of the game.

There are 3 different difficulties and 4 different stages in each one. There is no tutorial, but you tried to show the different gameplay elements as you progress.

The game starts slow but gets really fast, hard and challenging!

You can always try a demo of the game online at ForgetTheBrak.es
08-20-2015, 09:26 AM
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Holy crap this looks tough!