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App description: The world is overrun by powerful evil creatures and it is up to you to cleanse the world of this plague.

Play as a healer that supports his raid in difficult boss fights. Cast holy spells and divine infusions to keep your allies alive.

Choose your spells for every encounter, as evil creatures are cunning and beating them might require a lot of effort!

Keep on healing, as you are the only hope that your friends have left. Being a healer is not an easy task, but after beating that boss, a sense of accomplishment will overwhelm you!

If you have played MMO games before, Little Healer might remind you of familiar mechanics and past experiences. Crank your nostalgia up to 11 and beat these encounters!

Developer streams game development every weekday on http://www.twitch.tv/voley6969
Check out the url for schedule.

Music and FXs By Gas1312

Voley's comments:
For the last few months I've been working on a game that can fix my itch to play WoW. We went for a healer gameplay as the most rewarding and interesting.
Let me introduce Little Healer, the game where you heal your party (raid) and kill bosses. There are different spells, different tactics, talent tree, many bosses and such.
We had an composer hired to do the soundtrack and are quite satisfied with results.

The game is completely free, without in-app purchases or ads and comes for iOS and Android.
We'd love you to check out the game and leave some feedback. The encounters are tightly balanced, so it might take you a while to beat the game.

Make sure to play a very short tutorial.

Here is the link:
10-14-2015, 04:19 AM
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Update out!

We have just released patch 1.1 featuring many quality of life improvements and new content - the Flaming Expanse. It really changed the way the game looks, so feel free to check it out! We have also added Windows Phone version by popular request, so feel free to check it out!
**What's new in this version:**
Windows Phone 8 support
Localizations to French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese languages
New zone with bosses
New spell
Scrolling Combat Text
Win/Lose Chat - your raid members will encourage or discourage you when you win or lose an encounter (they can be harsh sometimes)
Various balance fixes
Other changes we forgot to write down

I also stream game development daily on http://twitch.tv/voley6969

Despite numerous accusations to the contrast, the Little Healer mobile app will not actually heal those that are wounded or dying. If you encounter someone in need of medical attention, do not attempt to revive or resurrect them via the spells in the Little Healer mobile app. Instead, we recommend using your mobile device to call an ambulance or the local authorities for medical assistance.